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  1. Hi, just a general question. Is anyone else signed up for the Winterfest at Kelling Heath ? I'm going with one other SGL'r just curious if anyone else is coming? Thanks.
  2. Buona sera Geremia. Benevento molto piacere. . CS Rapallokid.
  3. Hi to all, I have two scopes at the opposite ends of the F ratios and I am looking for advice on the best mix of EP'S The scopes are an 8" Nexstar SCT f 10 ( I have a F6.3 reducer/corrector for this) star diagonal for 1.25 EP's Revelation 12 " Dob f 5 with 1.25 and 2" focuser The mix of EP's that I have are ED 35mm 2" ED 30mm 2" SVBony 26mm 2" Celestron X-cel 25mm 1.25" ( Im willing to part with this) Baader Morpheus 17.5mm and 6.5mm ( The 2" fitting does not work on the dob as the focuser cant travel enough to focus for the 6.5mm) Max vision 16mm 1.25mm Revelation Astro 2.5 x Barlow I use both scopes for lunar, planetary, DSO observing. The range of EP's I have offers me quite a good spread, what I want to achieve is to improve the quality of the EP's to maximise the scopes potentials. None of the 2" EP's can currently be used on the SCT as I dont have a 2" diagonal. Is it worth upgrading this? I was considering adding another Morpheus 12.5mm or 9mm. Other option is a Baader Hyperion with fine tuning rings, but I have no experience with these? Any advice, guidance or even opinions would be appreciated. KR Rapallokid
  4. Congratulations John, that's some achievement
  5. Apologies, I didn't see the last post before replying, Sorry for your loss Daz. KR Rapallokid.
  6. My apologies, I didn't see the latest post before I asked the question. sorry for your loss. KR Rapallokid.
  7. Good morning Daz, Please can you let me know if there are any tent pitches left for the 11th and 12th, im not sure when the pitch allocation pdf was updated and lust wanted to check before booking. many thanks. Rapallokid
  8. Many thanks to all that were involved in the organising and to everyone I met over the few days. Looking forward to the BIG 10. Eddie
  9. Many thanks Derek, Look forward to meeting you. regards Eddie
  10. Hi Derek, If you still have a space I would be interested to try some different styles. Please let me know if you need a hogget !!!!!! regards Eddie ( Rapallokid ) kingfisher 13.
  11. Hi Mark, Many thanks for that, great list. I will be printing it put and bringing it with me. I remember you from a couple of years ago and look forward to seeing you again. kind regards Eddie
  12. Another vote for the outwell Montana 6 . Has withstood everything the UK weather had thrown at it on the last 4 years. Expensive but with it. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  13. Really looking forward to next weekend. Have business to take care of Mon -thurs away from home they arriving Friday lunchtime. Will be bringing a nice Auchentoshan to add to the single malts. All welcome. See you all there. ;0) Eddie
  14. Thank you Mark, great report. I am looking forward to meeting everyone. RK.
  15. well done you must have been pleased, \Uranus should also have been visible but only earlier in the evening. I had some friends around over the weekend and it was one of the things I showed them. very small spot but pretty impressive to say you have seen it. RK
  16. I cannot add much to what has already been said as there is a lot of useful information and tips there. Just to say that I also have a Nexstar se 6 and have learnt that taking a little time and effort to ensure that the tripod is level, the date time etc are accurate and to align using a low then high power ep pays dividends. The only other consideration is then to remember where the power cable is so that you don't remove it from its socket 10 mins into a session resulting in having to go through the process again. Hope you persevere with it, its a great scope and the quality of the optics is exceptional. RK
  17. I remember when I found it for the first time. It was after a long time searching. Once you have found it you wonder why it took so long in the first place. But it will always be much easier from now on.
  18. Hi, may be an obvious point but easy to overlook but is are you sure that the tripod was level. I have a 6se and a sloping garden. if it is not adjusted then the scope can lose alignment. RK
  19. Hi Phillip, Sorry no image, I was looking at Jupiter. many thanks for all comments. RK
  20. Hi Shaun, it has done it since I have bought it. I tried to ignore it but it is bugging me . I was thinking about trying a different brand of EP still at 9mm. it still happens when I extend the relief at the top. Thanks BillP I will try that next time I am out, at least I will know where the problem is originating from . Happy-Kat, was it a reflection in the eyepiece? I will have to see if it happens next time I am in a rural location. RK
  21. Lots of layers is the secret. If I know that I am going to be out and its either a bit windy or frosty, I put on a base layer then a cotton long leave top. a fleece hoodie is next which also gives protection to the back of the neck. if need be I put on another fleece or just a windproof jacket that covers my lower back. a fleece lined hat is an alternative to the hoodie. Gel hand warmers are also useful and reusable. For my feet I wear walking socks and walking shoes. they seem to give good protection from the ground. I don't normally need them but hot drinks will also help. Keep warm, clear skies. RK
  22. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I have a 12" revelation dob and have been using a couple of Celestron x - cel LX eyepieces regularly. They 25mm and 9mm. I have no problem with the 25mm but when I switch to the 9mm I see a very feint hexagonal or honeycomb in the eyepiece . it comes and goes when I move my eye but it is frustrating. Can anyone tell me what is causing this and is there a cure? Many thanks. RK
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