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  1. You can download and install with this fixation.
  2. Author and maintainer of Telescope Control plugin are Daggerstab - you can ask him directly about plans for that plugin.
  3. Yes, we have introduced this behavior intentionally (but it has a bugs still - I'll fix it). P.S. Sorry for my bad English, I hope this version is more accurate for understanding
  4. Yes, we have introduced this behavior intentionally, but there still is a bug - I'll fix it :-/
  5. Yes, this is feature - OpenGL ES doesn't support GLU and we can't use it for win64 app.
  6. Within Stellarium press F2 (or Configuration window on left bar) -> Tools -> Show nebula background button
  7. Well, this info is outdated in some parts (I should update it for Qt5 reality). Plus we should update info for building Stellarium from source code on Linux. In any case plugins in the source code is up-to-date and you can use it as example for your plugin.
  8. The Stellarium development team after 3 months of development is proud to announce the first correcting release of Stellarium in series 0.13.x - version 0.13.1. This release brings few new features and fixes: - Added: Light layer for old_style landscapes - Added: Auto-detect location via network lookup. - Added: Seasonal rules for displaying constellations - Added: Coordinates can be displayed as decimal degrees (LP: #1106743) - Added: Support of multi-touch gestures on Windows 8 (LP: #1165754) - Added: FOV on bottom bar can be displayed in DMS rather than fractional degrees (LP: #1361582) - Added: Oculars plugins support eyepieces with permanent crosshairs (LP: #1364139) - Added: Pointer Coordinates Plugin can displayed not only RA/Dec (J2000.0) (LP: #1365784, #1377995) - Added: Angle Measure Plugin can measure positional angles to the horizon now (LP: #1208143) - Added: Search tool can search position not only for RA/Dec (J2000.0) (LP: #1358706) - Fixed: Galactic plane renamed to correct: Galactic equator (LP: #1367744) - Fixed: Speed issues when computing lots of comets (LP: #1350418) - Fixed: Spherical mirror distortion work correctly now (LP: #676260, #1338252) - Fixed: Location coordinates on the bottom bar displayed correctly now (LP: #1357799) - Fixed: Ecliptic coordinates for J2000.0 and grids diplayed correctly now (LP: #1366567, #1369166) - Fixed: Rule for select a celestial objects (LP: #1357917) - Fixed: Loading extra star catalogs (LP: #1329500, #1379241) - Fixed: Creates spurious directory on startup (LP: #1357758) - Fixed: Various GUI/rendering improvements (LP: #1380502, #1320065, #1338252, #1096050, #1376550, #1382689) - Fixed: "missing disk in drive <whatever>" (LP: #1371183) A huge thanks to our community whose contributions help to make Stellarium better!
  9. Discussion on Stellarium forum: https://sourceforge.net/p/stellarium/discussion/278769/thread/ee475ad4/
  10. Now all packages should working correct (
  11. You can install 0.13.0.x win64 app It's not released yet, but more stable than 0.13.0.
  12. You can start Stellarium in windowed mode Hint: video/fullscreen = false in config.ini
  13. No, Stellarium can't run on the kitchen microwave because she doesn't have a screen
  14. Are you can propose better solution for light pollution?
  15. Stellarium can show HIP numbers only (excludes the Flamsteed designations of course).
  16. You are welcome! Maybe you have star lore from others folks and you can help us save this knowledge?
  17. We use Bortle scale from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bortle_scale
  18. You can try download Stellarium from launchpad.net/stellarium
  19. Both sources is right - no exists single "official" lines for constellations. Bright example: constellation lines on IAU and H.A. Ray's constellations.
  20. Hi! Any 32-bit software (for Windows, of course) should work on 64-bit Windows. In common case this software should "eating" less resources than the same 64-bit application. About Stellarium now: official package of version 0.13.0 for Windows x64 is not exists, because it contains serious regress. This regress is related to switching of building packages for Windows x64 onto Visual Studio (same compiler is used for building Win64 Qt5). Now we rewrote problematic code and latest binary snapshots of the Stellarium has x64 packages for Windows too (available at stellarium.org).
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