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  1. This is constellation from Romanian sky culture. I guess you choose it before.
  2. Implementation of the photorealistic sky through using digitized sky survey data. Typical view you can see in attachment.
  3. Stellarium 0.13.2RC2 was published yesterday. He has few fixes since previous 0.13.2RC1, and for deep-sky fans we are published package (Windows 32 and 64 bits) with one experimental feature - DSS support. It's first public package with DSS feature and I hope you can help us test it. Important note: this feature won't be included in official 0.13.2 release! Binary packages and full list of changes you can get here: https://launchpad.net/stellarium/trunk/trunk
  4. for Ubuntu you can use binary package (we prepared it) Отправлено с моего iPad используя Tapatalk
  5. vox45, OpenGL edition is better IMHO Отправлено с моего iPad используя Tapatalk
  6. Oops... Download link: https://launchpad.net/stellarium/trunk/trunk
  7. Dear amateurs, we published today the first release candidate for Stellarium 0.13.2 and if you have a time and interest - please help us test it. List of changes Changes between 0.13.1 and [0.13.2RC1] (HEAD): - Added shortcut and option for disable illumination layer in landscapes (LP: #1383081) - Added translations for sky cultures and landscapes - Added better GUI control and defaults regarding minimal landscape brightness settings - Added zero landscape - Added new sky culture - Arabic Moon Stations - Added new sky culture - Japanese Moon Stations - Added new sky culture - Siberian - Added support native names of the planets for different cultures - Added improvements for Oculars plugin (LP: #1388452) - Added improvements for Angle Measure, Compass Marks and Observability Analysis plugins - Added new key for config.ini for choosing algorithms of computation of the apparent magnitudes of the planets in case when observer on the Earth (astro/apparent_magnitude_algorithm) - Added changes to RA's output precision - Added extinction to Milky Way and the texture for our galaxy was updated - Added new output data for angular sizes for methods getObjectInfo and getSelectedObjectInfo in scripting engine - Added improvements for rendering of the grid lines in the spherical mirror distortion mode (LP: #1382994) - Added improvements for rendering of the comet tails and comas - Added improvements for Exoplanets plugin - Added management of Zodiacal Light into core.clear() method in Scripting Engine. - Added a new amazing feature for observations under perfect sky conditions - zodiacal light - sunlight reflected off the interplanetary dust in our solar system (LP: #1106781) - Added extension for getObjectInfo() and getSelectedObjectInfo() in scripting engine for case of the objects of Solar system - Added extension of usage of the decimal angle format - now it used in Angle Measure & Pointer Coordinates plugins too (LP: #1388606) - Added extension to the coordinate systems in Pointer Coordinates plugin and fix ecliptical coordinates on J2000.0 epoch (LP: #1402488) - Added shortcut for disable/enable planets - Fixed errors of getting angular size for methods getObjectInfo and getSelectedObjectInfo in scripting engine - Fixed a bug that did not account for HighDPI displays when drawing a CCD in Oculars - Fixed 12 arcmin. error for method moveToRaDecJ2000 in scripting engine (LP: #1386019) - Fixed crash for method goHome in scripting engine (LP: #1385280) - Fixed errors, related to the proper motion of some stars (LP: #1400081) - Fixed failures for rendering of textures for some moons like Hyperion (LP: #1393083) - We apply support of multi-touch gestures only for Windows - was resolved the mouse issue on OS X (LP: #1383563, #1385008) - Fixed missing image feature in Mongolian skyculture - Fixed night mode style in Ocular Control menu (LP: #1370587) - Fixed IP-based position lookup fails (LP: #1395480) - Fixed crash on spherical mirror distortion - Fixed highlight issue with selection in the Satellites plugin (LP: #1350669) - Hide info about type when it not defined for this object of solar system (LP: #1404189) - Improved look for Date and Time Dialog and fixed show Julian Dates - it show now JD instead a CJD (LP: #1398775) - Meteors don't be visible without enabled atmosphere now - Made an exclusion for moons with chaotic period of rotation (LP: #1393083) - Reducing the number of compass marks to those on screen to improve performance (LP: #1307444) - On returning to home position, display atmosphere and fog only if configured in config file (LP: #1391074) - Change default settings for Windows installer: added removing cache at install of the planetarium for avoiding "missing disk in drive <whatever>" problem. (LP: #1371183) - Translation of names of the celestial bodies moved to stellarium-skycultures - Changes in style of displaying of "celestial names" in cultures - Language of the cultures now can be chosen in GUI - Changes in detection of OpenGL availability - Extend the 'restore to original FOV' feature for sensor mode also (LP: #1398890) - Re-implemented viewing/flag_constellation_pick option to allow select single constellation only (LP: #1401745) - Fit more realistic magnitude of the Moon for the case of lunar eclipse (LP: #1306811) Plus we added few fixes for typos and fixes for avoiding compilation warnings (LP: #1394814, #1395193) - Re-allow drawing comet hints for very dim comets (LP: #1402188) - Updated scripting documentation (LP: #1402200, #1402224)
  8. Stellarium can show few projections.
  9. Please try version - new dialogue will be helpful for you IMHO Отправлено с моего iPad используя Tapatalk
  10. JD is not related to Julian calendar We modified Date and Time dialog in latest public snapshot - - you can try it. Отправлено с моего iPad используя Tapatalk
  11. QtCreator is pretty good IDE for Qt/C++
  12. Well... 1) We don't force anyone to use Stellarium 2) We don't support a super low-cost devices (we never proposed support of those devices) 3) 90% developers use Linux as main platform for develop Stellarium. 4) You can try use woody wheels on the car and you can try aggressively demand a "retro-compatibility" for this car from manufacturer because woody wheels has low cost. Cheers...
  13. You can reduce CPU usage in config.ini file if you don't want a fast UI
  14. I forgot say that we work for version 0.12.5 - we are backporting of some plugins, features and fixes from series 0.13.
  15. Dell 2100 has Intel GMA 950, which has support OpenGL version 1.4. Of course a newest versions of the Stellarium won't run here. Yes and yes. Qt 5.0 has been released 2 years ago and current stable version of Qt has number 5.3.1 (and 5.4.0 for beta). What Qt 5 gave to us? As example Stellarium and Stellarium Mobile has difference in the code for the GUI and GPS/Accelerator sensors only and we use single OpenGL code for rendering for all platforms - desktops and mobile devices. For previous series we should been support the 3 backends for renderer - 2 for desktops and 1 for mobile devices (and support hacks for avoiding errors in different drivers for different GPUs). Plus we can use safe OpenGL code with Qt 5 now. We use not all interesting and helpful features of the Qt 5 yet. On your GPU I can run Stellarium only under Windows, because we can use "translation" OpenGL into DirectX via ANGLE library (part of Qt 5).
  16. I have statistics: 95% users say "I have latest drivers" and on next step I hear - "I check updates on Windows and she say me OK". So, what next? Of course, I asked about log (users are never send to us the log at first step ) on the next step and what I see here? One-two years ago I saw WDDM drivers from Microsoft for graphics card NVIDIA and AMD (which support OpenGL 4+) who support OpenGL 1.4. It's kidding for me - full support for DirectX and serious limitation for OpenGL support (just for info - OpenGL 1.4 has been created in previous century). I can see installed WDDM drivers with OpenGL 2 support at now. For graphics card, who can run OpenGL 4.2 and GLSL 4.30. Minimal system for Qt Framework 5 should support OpenGL 2.1. Or, maybe we should remove all realistic features and just draw star map at the CPU - and get a second slow CdC (hm... and rewrite UI to own library of course)? Are you serious? I have a 8 year-old Windows-box on the work with Intel GMA and installed drivers from intel.com and Stellarium 0.13 can work here (not all features running here :-/). I have a 4 year-old PC with linux at home and Stellarium running here without any problems and with full package of features. Of course, latest Stellarium doesn't running on my PowerBook G4 and on my other PC with linux at work (he was buyed 13 years ago). ...[skipped many words]... Maybe you can help us develop Stellarium with "guaranteed retro-compatibility"?
  17. Are you have installed drivers from microsoft.com?
  18. sorry for it, I just sometimes don't understand people. ~$100 Well, I understand you and I agree with your position. Just sometimes people buy graphics cards for $200 and installs the drivers from previous century for it. It's sad and similar to installing square wheels on the new Ferrari.
  19. I tempers own character through overcoming obstacles like drawing square by compass...

  20. Sigh... ANGLE will be not solve problems for $10-cost graphics cards...
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