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  1. Broke one of the knobs on my Skywatcher counterweight. Anyone know where I can get a spare. Can no longer tighten it.
  2. Flask of coffee probably
  3. Only as much effort due to my age and level of health
  4. Thanks I'm really pleased with it...bit shattered though
  5. Used cotswold stone
  6. All done apart from the setting up. Have a chain and lock through the handle and concrete block. Just need to get rid of all that soil...great escape anyone
  7. Top block on and second coat of paint. Should be ready to put the mount on soon. Just need to infill the bottom when the paint is dry. What do you reckon...pebbles...or soil? Checked level...it's a tiny amount out either way...not bad. EQ mount so not a concern.
  8. Trust me that block isn't moving anywhere...it's rock solid...I'm more likely to bounce off it There's 70kg of concrete in that hole.
  9. Concrete added. Ended up putting 3 bags in and there was still loads of water. Had to rush to Wickes and get a couple more bags. When I got back the water had gone and the concrete had levelled out, but it was very soft so I added half a bag more and wet it. Hopefully it will all dry ok. Will leave it to dry a couple of days before putting the other block on.
  10. This was the easier option for me and if need be I can remove the blocks. I'm only putting an EQ6 on it for visual.
  11. Well i've made good progress today. Block is in the hole and levelled up with another block on top. Stud hold them together with lock nuts on top and bottom. Tent pegs on the bottom of the hollows to help keep rigid. Ready to mix the concrete when it's cooler. Even got the obligatory diy pier injury for my efforts
  12. The concrete block will be in contact with the ground and so will the concrete mix. I'm pretty sure it will be sound. I'v seen people glueing blocks to paving stones with success so I'm sure this will be fine. My equipment isn't that heavy really.
  13. 40cm square and I'm going to concrete a hollow concrete block in the hole with bolts already installed.
  14. At last some clear sky and I've marked out a point where my pier is going to go. It's situated for next door's shed to block out an annoying street light, another neighbours tree blocks out some bedroom windows. That leaves me with a good view of Polaris for setting up, a gap between the trees in the east, a fairly clear south and west above my rooftop, plus everything up above. I may need to put a screen up on one fence panel to block out the neighbour's security light. Sorted Now I need to start digging the hole and getting the stud cut to size.
  15. Top is off the tripod ready to go on the pier when it's concreted in.
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