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  1. I think i bought the wrong cable, it says on amazon that it's RJ-10 and the real celestron one is RJ-11
  2. Yeah i did, mentioned it in the reply i made a minute ago.
  3. 1. Sorry i just changed my COM8 to COM1 on windows device manager, this is my bad. Also i changed EQ N to ALT-AZ. 2. I was able to plug the cable on my telescope bottom of hand controler and it fits perfectly, but though it can be the issue if it's the wrong cable, but if it is, which cable do you recommend me? 3. I connected it to the hand controller bottom port where it's written "NXS" 4. It didn't work with it's own drivers so i did some search and got told i must have ASCOM 5. I have Stellariumscope installed, and it does the same error as ASCOM: " Connect to COM1 failed, no Celestron scope detected" in an box Thank you for your help and answers, you are very helpful, i hope i will be able to fix it.
  4. Hello, i am new to this forum, i made my account here because i need help. So few weeks ago i ordered a USB to Serial cable to be able to Control my Telescope with my computer using stellarium. It arrived today. So i made my Star Alignment, then i plugged the cable to my Telescope and Computer, i installed the Cable driver and ASCOM Platform + ASCOM Celestron Driver. I started DriverConnect.exe and put the Celestron Driver i downloaded, and did the properties informations ( had to tick on "Advanced Setup" and "Show All COM Ports" ) and i put "COM8" on "COM Port", then i pressed "OK" and then "Connect" Result: Create Creating device Connected Connecting to device Error System.Exception: Connect to COM1 failed, no Celestron scope detected to System.Dynamic.ComRuntimeHelpers.CheckThrowException(Int32 hresult, ExcepInfo& excepInfo, UInt32 argErr, String message) to CallSite.Target(Closure , CallSite , ComObject , Boolean ) to ASCOM.DriverConnect.ConnectForm.btnConnect_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\ASCOM Build\Export\ASCOM.DriverConnect\ConnectForm.cs:line 268 Dispose Disposing of device ReleaseComObject Releasing COM instance ReleaseComObject Completed release. Count: 0 GC Collect Starting garbage collection GC Collect Completed garbage collection "Connect to COM1 failed, no Celestron scope detected" In Stellarium i set-up everything, the plug-in and restarted the app, then added my telescope and i says it's "connected" but i can't find my telescope. Telescope: Celestron NexStar 127SLT The Cable i bought: https://www.amazon.com/Telescope-CP2102-Adapter-Control-Console/dp/B077G37VL1/ PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro, GTX 970, 8GB Ram(DDR4), i7 6700 3.4Ghz Looking forward for your help, thanks in advance, dragorom7.
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