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  1. Cheers Dave I,lol look at that. heres what happened this morning. Same again. Opened several apps Sharpcap,Stellarium Synscan app. minimised them on same screen used Synscan app still minimised kept first screen open ,opened Star page then opened Solar to pick Moon to align on. Kept minimised then look at Sharpcap to simulate focusing go back into Synscan to move mount. Then minimise again so that it is docked on task bar go into Stellarium etc Then when you try and re open Synscan it shows the screen shots. It will not open on direction screen for Synscan. No matter what you do it will not reopen so as stated you have to delete everything that even means the original download asbthis will not open up again. So had to download everything again and rest everything. Is it me or am I doing something wrong? Screen shots shows the app not opening up as the direction first screen only the blanked out app.
  2. On using Synscan pro in Windows 10 to operate a Synscan 3 pro mount all connected and working. however when you minimise the app and maximise still works ok. However when you have the first screen open for the mount movement arrows on screen and you then open second window to align say on the Moon and you then minimise the app say to look at the image in Sharpcap you cannot maximise the app again. It just shows a title screen and the rest of the square is greyed out . It will not maximise so if you close it down and try and open again from the main app folder it won't open at all. So I have to delete the whole thing ,download a new Synscan folder and start again,which means entering all the long and lat etc. Naturally a pain in the backside. any suggestions.
  3. Make sure your iPad can run RDP it needs ISO 13.00 and mine can,t load it up onto my IPad so I cannot or it seems I cannot use this system.
  4. Thanks for showing me which one Cheers mate, I looked at the app but it needs iOS 13.00 to run it however my iPad will not load it onto mine. sucks. Hence me loading Jump. It did work when I tried it on the Ethernet but that's 20 meters away.
  5. Yep your right on the iPad. Have a couple of Samsung android 7 " tablets. if I put the iPad onto the Synscan wifi the same as the laptop then this is the app to control the mount. Not seeing the laptop screen surely? I,lol look for the iOS app!
  6. Really super image and even in JPEG the quality really stands out. I,m sure with this quality there was not much image processing , can you describe what you did ?
  7. Sorry mate it's an iPad so doesn't have Windows's. So when I,m looking for the WIFI address of my home system,laptop i can pick up the same WIFI however when I run the Synscan WIFI dongle it produces its Synscan WIFI mount signal. i have to put my laptop onto the Synscan WIFI signal . So my iPad tablet looks for my home system signal on my laptop and it cannot see it it does not connect. If I try my iPad on Synscan signal it will only work by opening the Synscan app and tries to take control of the mount not the laptop Am going to try Ethernet into laptop soon. Cheers for assisting anyway.
  8. Mmmm the more I think about it ? as the tablet can only run one application at a time I cannot control the mount using the Synscan app then I have to drop out of this to open Jump focus the go back into Synscan app as it will assume I,m starting from scratch and will ask to re align.
  9. Cheers for the suggestions. The home router is unfortunately about 20 mtr s from the laptop. However in theory I could put laptop beside router on Ethernet cable say 1 mtr. Then out on mount 22mtrs away I could conceivably use tablet to view/ control Sharpcap for focusing ,then switch to APT for plate solving,moving mount and camera adjustment.So thanks stash-old . Can I be cheeky and ask how you do it. I,m on Windows 10 . If I connect via Ethernet to laptop then look for Synscan mobile WIFI connect on that . Then on Jump desktop open up and it should work on Ethernet connection ? Or will Jump still be on house WIFI ? I,lol try it and see where I get to.
  10. Do not know if this is in the right section on forum. I,m using Synscan WIFI dongle on EQ3 pro mount. No problems on it. However looking to use Sharpcap for focusing or APT again no issues. so in theory I,m trying to use Jump desktop to view my laptop screen when focusing so that it's much easier and closer to see than my laptop. Again no problems when doing all 3 singly , my issues are that the WIFI dongle sends out its own WIFI signal that you then have to take your laptop off the internet signal and connect to Synscan signal. When you do this it looses the jump desktop to laptop connection is broken as these are both on the internet signal. So I cannot see the focus in Sharpcap or APT. I've tried TeamViewer but the same happens and TeamViewer kicks me out after several seconds hence going to the Jump desktop. i see in Synscan WIFI there are a couple of signal options and Jump has options e.g. cloud connection, however I,m not IT savvy enough to know how to go about it, can anyone offer suggestions. Is anyone doing the same set up for remote access ? how can I use Synscan WIFI with dongle to control the mount through the laptop and see my laptop screen on a Tablet at the same time?
  11. Yes it is the same as the details you have posted. Any use to you?
  12. Getting started in Planetary imaging then I,ve got this Phillips SPN900NC web cam that is still a good starter way into Planetary imaging. it images below 1 lux so is great for Planets and is supported on Sharpcap (especially 2 issues ago) Adapted to fit 11/4" fitting (see photo.) 5.6*5.6 microns. Chip size 640*480 pixels. Lots of info on web sites and YouTube videos on this good product. £25 pounds delivered.
  13. Adam. If I make the bracket I thought that with two pulley wheels and the belt then the controller which is manual would just turn the drive? Or are you saying that as it's USB I can control this with a PC and something like APT?
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