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  1. Is anyone using a DC driven relative Focuser in ATP. They have an emulation tag in Tools but I really need some instruction please. i,m using the Homebrew Skywatcher Focuser. naturally wanting to get a better focus. I get close focus take a 2 sec image then measure HFD move Focuser with a measured amount take photo and measure again and repeat until its either better or worse and then repeat in the other direction ,logging each detail.Then going back to best Star measurement. What do others do or is this the best way?
  2. Anyone looking to sell DMK 41 mono for Solar work. Or any other mono at same spec.
  3. Regarding the Lilliput viewer. I,ve seen that you can just connect direct to DSLR however can I ask how you view it from a CMOS camera? Do you connect direct to laptop or something.
  4. Ideally a DMK 41 au2 or similar not too expensive though.
  5. You wouldn't have a mono camera for sale would you?
  6. I,m trying to put a Coiled extension Lynx cable onto my Mount/HC on a Celestron 6SE alt AZ mount with an old style HC ontroller with the info button on bottom left of hand set. However getting Error 17 message where the Dec won't work. i read that the flat cable may present problems so went for the high priced Lynx coiled version. Which says it's for Celestron mounts. When installed I get the error message,tried undoing several times that gets you back to the HC setup ,it goes through everything fine till you try to move in Dec. Tried powering off on, pressing zero on startup etc. i,ve noticed that the colouring of the RJ 12 is different on handset it is blue,yellow,green,red,black and on cable it is Red,green,blue,black,yellow. But at least it hasn't fried any boards. I,ve updated HC and software to NXS 4.22 5.14 . The hand set says it's SE . it works ok when I reinstall the original hand controller and everything works fine. FLO have been good about it and have said it's just an extension cable so should work. Any suggestions?
  7. Swap ZWO 120mc colour USB 2 camera plus cash for DMK 41 AU.02 Mono plus cables etc. looking to image solar shots. or just purchase a DMK camera without swap.
  8. Hi,many thanks for the link. I,ve gone onto it but it seems as though it's 2 year old with no comments and it's GitHub so what do I need to do as it says you can build solution ? I,m not IT savvy .
  9. Looking for a coiled 3 mtr extension cable for Celestron Nexstar handset,it's the old one with info button on left side,I,m assuming it is a stand size anyway. Is there a supplier anywhere?
  10. Looking for a DMK 41 AU .02 as Mono ccd camera with cables etc.
  11. Vladivostok I know this is an old post however can you help me please. trying out Nina and just downloaded but it does not pick up my Canon Rebel T3 camera? You mention in this post there is a Ascom driver for Canon DSLR - does it work and can you tell me where I can get it please. i,ve seen one link but it is GitHub so I had a look but just couldn't understand how to use the GitHub site. so any link where it's a press here icon would be great.
  12. Also one of the best ways is to use EOS Utility for the Canon Camera. This will give you the ability to choose ISO and time easily and allow live view, once you ve done it and got some focus etc especially with Bahtinof mask then close down go into APT and check it out - at least then you know you have everything is OK .
  13. You know I may have cracked it and found a solution. while in Sharpcap when you Tick the LX box for longer exposures it says go to 16 bit and that's what I've done lately. on trying to find solution some time ago someone wrote that the 120 mc only likes 8 bit data. So that's what I did only chose 8 bit especially in the ASI Ascom driver setup where when you go into advanced settings I'd had it on 16 bit as well. so dropped to 8 bit and sure enough I can get 30 secs image time and it puts it on the screen with about a five second delay. So hoping to try it out today ,during the day to see if it does the same again on testing.
  14. Anthonyexmouth are you having USB 2 to the hub then USB 3 from hub to USB 3 on your laptop? i,m assuming the hub is usb3 . As the ZWO 120 mc is USB 2 . Are you having USB all the way through? Could this cause any issues.
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