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  1. Wiltshire AS speaker for May will be Paul Money, talking about 'Triumphs of Voyager: Journey to Jupiter/Splendours of Saturn'. The meeting is on 1st of May with a start time of 20:00 at the Pavilion, Rusty Lane, Seend nr Melksham SN12 6NS. All welcome. Peter
  2. Nagler Type 4 question?

    It will be good to see you out viewing again Robin? I have sent Hilary a text about going out tonight at usual spot with a 21:00 start assuming weather holds out? Peter
  3. Kelling Heath Spring 2018?

    M aybe the next one for me?
  4. Forgot to add, did the dog come with the kit as well?
  5. I see the 'Box of Clouds' has already been open, they have got to Swindon in pretty quick time!
  6. Like Robin says probably not much to choose from? I have a zoom lens (x2), one for my solarscope which is a really bright object to look at and the other I take on astronomy holidays with me, it saves taking extra eye pieces, saves on weight and space, apart from that I do not use them for viewing in the UK! Personally it is better to use single eye pieces if your budget can go that far as it should last a very long time if looked after properly? Hope this helps a bit? Peter
  7. Wiltshire AS speaker for April will be Guy Hurst talking about George Alcock - 'The Life & Achievements of this Amazing Observer'. The meeting will be at the Pavilion, Rusty Lane, Seend nr Melksham SN12 6NS on the 3rd of April with a start time of 20:00. All welcome. Peter
  8. A good eye piece to have, I have four of these. Peter
  9. Where are the loppers?

    I keep my loppers in the garage but are not needed for astronomy as I have street light shining into front garden and two into the back garden! Peter
  10. 2018 Venus season begins

    I had a try and locating Venus last night but a thin band of cloud over the western horizon (rest of sky was fairly clear!) killed that idea! Managed to get a few shots of the moon before camera battery packed up, my hands were not happy with the cold while standing outside trying to find Venus, took at least 20 minutes to get rid of the cold when I got back into the house. Will have another try on Thursday if the skies are clear? Peter
  11. Hi SR, Thank you for the info, I have just sent off an e mail to the address, let see what happens next? Peter
  12. Hi Rob, Not thought of that so I could give it a go and see what comes of it? Cheers Peter
  13. Wiltshire AS speaker for March will be Andrew Lound doing a presentation about 'Guardians of the Rings', the meeting is on the 6th with a start time of 20:00 at the Pavilion, Rusty Lane, Seend nr Melksham SN12 6NS. For more details please visit www.wasnet.co.uk All welcome. Peter