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  1. synscan coordinates

    Thanks for the link, up loading as I speak and will try it out next time I have a clear sky and the free time? Might take a while for that to happen! Peter
  2. Pentax XW 20mm

    Nice eye pieces, I use them a lot with my Meade LX 90.
  3. Always go for the best filters you can afford, they should last a life time if looked after properly, ie left in the case when not in use. Peter
  4. Hi Alan, I now have the bigger power pin and it is not such a sloppy fit as the previous one, thank you for that. I used the shorter length of the two. Peter
  5. Hi Alan, that answer my question brilliantly, thank you for that. I could get a replacement lead from Meade, assuming it had correct end for about £22? Making my own for a couple of quid makes more sense to me, I will have a look at the Maplin's site and order one. Will try and see how long the power pin is tonight and order the best fit tomorrow from local store and re make the end piece of power cable. Peter
  6. Hi Alan, All of the batteries were clean, so no leaks from that area? Another thing I have noticed when I got a replacement power jack (2.5 mm diameter jack (L49AY product code) from Maplin's) to repair the broken cable it does not sit very snug when attached to the jack on the computer control panel (just below LED light), sought of a lose fit that can stop the power supply to the scope when slewing? I thought this should be a reasonable push fit , otherwise it could become lose and stop? Peter
  7. Alan, I had batteries installed when I had the mishap. I did not realise I had the batteries in at the time as I had been using external power for a very long time with this scope. Is connector JP6 on the power circuit or is it nearby as I cannot locate a JP6 on the above diagram? Peter
  8. Thank you for all the replies. I do not know if there is an internal fuse within my scope or not? Alan, you info sounds good, I have a multi meter so if I go down that route I will have an idea of what to expect? Peter
  9. Wiltshire AS speaker for February will be Prof. David Southwood of Imperial College London talking about 'Cassini-Huygens, a mission to Saturn & Titan'. The meeting will take place at the Pavilion, Rusty Lane, Seend nr Melksham SN12 6NS with a start time of 20:00 on the 6th, all welcome. For more details please visit www.wasnet.co.uk Peter
  10. Hello SGL, Recently I managed to catch the external power lead on the tripod leg while slewing the scope, this resulted in the scope not working and one broken lead. After checking at home that internal batteries had enough power, it would not work with them yet applying external power (after repairing the broken lead) it works okay? Could it be a change of the control power panel to get internal power working again or should I leave everything alone while it works on external power? Any ideas/suggestions with by most grateful. Peter
  11. Now got the external power cable sorted out will try it out tonight on my scope and hopefully everything works? Otherwise it is a trip to the inside working department of the scope!
  12. Thank you for all of your replies, will have to look into the problem when I have some free evenings this week? Getting hold of a 2.5 mm DC power plug has not been sorted yet, just back from Maplins and they have 2.1 or 2.8! I will try the 2.1 and see if it fits okay or might have to try e Bay to see if I get anywhere. Failing that I will go to Steve Collingwood as he sorted out a problem for me many years ago BUT I had forgotten his name. Peter
  13. A good cloud-free start of the year

    I went out tonight but it only lasted five minutes before my scope stopped working! Power lead got caught around tripod leg and broke, think there is a problem with the power/electronics as it does not work now! Peter
  14. Hello SGL, Went out for a viewing session which only lasted about five minutes tonight due to the power lead getting caught around the tripod leg while slewing to first object to view (Uranus) and broke into two pieces. When I got home and could view everything in reasonable light I noticed the lead broke at the jack plug (this will need replacing), once I had removed all of the bits I tried using internal power (all batteries had a charge of over 1.50 volts dc) and the light would not come on, once I have a replacement cable I will see if the scope works on external power? I suspect I have damaged the electronics/power with a short circuit, if this is the case does anybody know who I could send the scope off to see if it can be repaired or not? I am sure somebody will be able to look at it and hopefully be able to repair it? Any suggestions would be most grateful. At least tomorrow morning's viewing session with Mars and Jupiter will only need a scope on a manual mount (Porta Mount II). Thank you for you time if you are able to answer this question. Peter
  15. A good cloud-free start of the year

    Managed to get a sunset picture and the super Moon raising on the first, hopefully it will be better than last year when I hardly got out.