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  1. I have the Skywatcher 400 Imaging Newtonian reflector that I want to automated via software (NINA). Has anyone automated this focuser at this time ? It seems that these newtonian reflectors have different focusers and attaching something to the focuser can be a problem.
  2. HI BDL... Referring to your picture showing the ADM products. I went to the ADM website and I believe that you are showing the ADM - VDUP7-V Series Universal Dovetail Bar. 7" long AND the VR100-V series docetail ring set. 100mm adjustable rings. Would you please confirm this ? Thank you... Frank
  3. To BDL_Bug, I see your setup especially your last picture showing the equipment support. Would you tell me what it is because I would like to duplicate it. Frank (Starmanflorida)
  4. There is an option - $58 from Agena Astro (OFIN-AG-MRRF-M5). The base of the reflex finder is curved OK, but the screws with the finder are not long enough and the wrong thread. I believe buying longer M5 or M6 screws will work, but I have not bought the replacement screws yet to test.
  5. The answer is NO. The base of the "finder" is flat and the WO 61 is curved. Also, even if it were curved, there is no way that screws could be attached to the "foot" to the W.O. 61 focusing body. Frank M.
  6. Topic: Sharpcap and Orion's StarShoot AutoGuider First, does the SSAG work with SC ? Second, if so, I have Windows 7 professional OS and I D/L the drivers from Orion...Neither version of their drivers work for either Win& or XP Compatible. What am I doing incorrectly ? Frank
  7. Thank all of you for your assistance in trying to assist in getting to install SharpCap. I have removed CCleaner and tried both MS's remover as well as Revo with no change. I am still getting what I first noted in my first post above. The message is coming from SharpCap, but I have no idea why. I, also, tried installing older versions of SharpCap, but with the same results. ANY IDEAS ???
  8. Thank you all of you. I will be back to you letting you know what I found...Frank M.
  9. I am attempting to install version 2.1.1049.0 on Windows 7. AFTER I see "Please wait" and perhaps after 80% on the installing blue line, I get the message -> "Object already exists." This occurs whether this is a FIRST install or 10th install. Please advise if you have any questions needing answers prior to a possible fix.
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