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  1. Today we released version 0.21.0 of Stellarium. The major changes of this version: - We have finally completed our work on accurate planet axes, including Lunar libration - Visualisation of Earth shadow for Lunar eclipses - Better texture for the Lunar surface - Added the latest algorithms for planet magnitudes - Enhanced Calendars plugin - Replaced "arabic" by more accurate "al-Sufi" skyculture - Planets are now scalable and Solar glare switchable for didactic applications We have also published a scientific paper about the application of Stellarium in cultural astrono
  2. This is very good question! We compute coordinates of radiants for valid range of activity from RA/Dec (J2000.0) and drift values to get the correct location of radiants (please compare to official maps: https://www.imo.net/files/meteor-shower/cal2021.pdf). Outside valid range of activity we just place radiant in location of first day of activity, but this is of course not correct by astronomical reason and correct by didactic reason (we mark location of radiant, but people will no see meteors).
  3. Please check the values of coordinates within range of activity days
  4. Yesterday we released version 0.20.4 of Stellarium. The major changes of this version: - Added Calendars plugin - Many changes in AstroCalc tool and core of Stellarium - Many changes in plugins - Updated DSO catalog - Removed Compass Marks plugin (the feature moved into core) Download binary packages for Windows, Mac and Linux you may here: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/releases/tag/v0.20.4 Thank you very much to community for bug reports, feature requests and contributions! Full list of changes: - Added Balinese Pawukon calendar into Calendars plugi
  5. You may edit shortcuts and set required the scaling factor Hint: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/issues/1301
  6. Please check Stellarium directory in Start menus
  7. The latest Intel(R) Graphics Driver: solves the problem. Hint: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/wiki/Common-Problems-for-the-current-version#OpenGL_problems_with_Intel_Graphics
  8. Could you install beta version of drivers for your graphics card (I mean drivers from intel.com)?
  9. Today we released version 0.20.3 of Stellarium. The major changes of this version: - Fixed nutation and, with it, season beginning times - Many changes in AstroCalc tool and core of Stellarium - Many changes in Oculars and Satellites plugins - Updated DSO catalog Important note: We discontinued support for AppImage builds since version 0.20.3 due technical problems of AppImage architecture! Please use snap packages instead. Download binary packages for Windows and Mac you may here: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/releases/tag/v0.20.3 Full list of changes:
  10. Hmm... I see no serious problems in the logs
  11. Please share log.txt from Stellarium
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