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  1. Alex, That is one of the best images of the Rosette I have ever seen, the detail is amazing....its almost 3D Its very similar to this APOD but better!! https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap190412.html
  2. +1 for concrete pier concreted in the ground with 12mm studding embedded in the concrete.
  3. Hope it solves your problem.....don't put them in a gas oven as the gas produces a lot of water which doesn't actually dry the desiccant out very much. You should have a round plastic tool that helps you unscrew the cover on the desiccant chamber........
  4. You seem to have a problem with banding, any ideas why?
  5. That's nice Brian, lots of details and good contrast
  6. If its an ATIK camera then your desiccant tablets need replacing or drying out if they are fitted to your type of camera. This is a common problem and they need drying once per year. I put mine (ATIK 383L+) in an electric oven for 2 hours at 180 degC. When you take them out of the oven do NOT touch them with your bare fingers/hands, I wrap them in foil to carry them to the camera and refit them with tweezers.
  7. You literally type in the image names with a minus sign between i.e. Melotte15 - starless and it will create a new image for you, rename this as "stars" and away you go
  8. Hi John, To answer your question on PixInsight forum I use pixelmath as follows: 1. Stars Image = Original Image - Starless Image 2. Work on Starless image as required 3. New Image = Modified Starless Image + Stars Image And don't forget the Stars Image is just about a perfect star mask as you can get Hope this helps
  9. That is one beautiful image, brilliant detail, good interpretation of the SHO pallet with its colour, and perfect contrast control.....brilliant......my kind of image!!
  10. Brian, that is a cracking image, love the colours and the perfect contrast control
  11. Hi John, Its a script in PI Script > Noise Reduction > MureDenoise. It is usually applied straight after the integration process and applied to each master before combining. This post refers: https://pixinsight.com/forum/index.php?topic=9206.0
  12. Nice image with good contrast, Give MureDenoise a try after integration its absolutely brilliant
  13. John, Have a look at using MureDenoise on your masters before you combine, its absolutely brilliant at removing the noise at the linear stage
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