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  1. Hi Carole . Thank you I used APP to post process ,stack and first stretch. I also combined the Ha as per Steve Richards Books .. i didn't do it correctly before .. I also think I wasn't pushing the data enough .
  2. Today I reprocessed my original Rosette data from the image at the beginning of this post . . I think it's altogether much better , but your thoughts always welcome . i used APP to process and stack the image then Photoshop & lightroom for the post processing.
  3. Brian28

    QHY 9

    Has anyone got a QHY 9 camera they are thinking of moving on ? Must be excellent condition and full working order of course . Brian
  4. Thanks for the comments ..I might have another play with the image later , but I'm always conscious of doing too much ..
  5. I must say it's not quite that muted in the PC screen
  6. Hi John , would like to put it to more use TBH but the weather has been terrible .. the mount is excellent .. got good guiding from the off .. , but I have just modified the mount by taking out the polar scope and the USB and power sockets , I fitted a polemaster , that I haven't tried yet ,and fitter 3 x 2 pin screw power sockets and then run the cables for the stepper motor , main camera and guide camera up through the middle of the mount , this allows me to change from the CT8 to the Edge and connect up the same 3 cables .. this has also reduced the weight of the CT8 considerably.. so Im hoping the next time out to be even better .. .. im also still getting use to the software , I use APT .. also thinking of getting a mono camera or a very good colour .. bit unsure at the moment ..
  7. Just RGB on its own
  8. We had a couple of clear nights back in February and I managed to capture the Rosette Nebula with 4 hrs of 180 sec subs RGB and 1 hr of 180 sec subs Ha .. Taken with my Orion Optics CT8 and QHY163C Camera
  9. No interest ? Ok would £250 make it any sweeter ..?
  10. I am using a OSC QHY163C camera , when I take colour images I have to use GRRB debayering when processing .. I shot some subs with my Ha filter on the camera , and the resulting subs don't look as a Ha sub should ,i.e. Have a red cast , and don't process properly .. do I need to change the debayer pattern when processing Ha subs ?
  11. I'm selling my Canon Rebel T4i, which is the same as the 650 .. this one was modified by Andy Ellis - back in October 2018 . it works perfectly and is in very very nice condition , it comes with a standard battery and charger as well as the 12vDC converter and an intervelometer . The camera is boxed and ready to use .. the Dew controller I said not included , it was used to show the camera being powered by 12v £300 plus postage ..
  12. Photoshop and Lightroom with Astronomy Tools action set
  13. I'm working away till Friday , I can let you have it then . If you message me with your details I will email it over .
  14. Here's my Pacman Nebula attempt .. 2hrs 30 min -180 sec subs .. using QHY163C.. so not loads of data . im pleased BUT ! , I've seen other shots of this subject from you guys on here , where the Nebula has that gassy look, whispy and light , mine looks more solid / dense , if that makes sense .. So , is it my bad processing , not enough subs , Or is it a trait of OSC cameras , as I know that a MONO with RGB filters Increases sensitivity .. (I've been told and read ). or have I got this wrong and just talking rubbish .. Brian
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