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  1. early days yet ! .. and thank you
  2. Got the spelling correct as well this time .. it was late !
  3. Thanks Alan , appreciated
  4. Hi Adrian , thanks looks good .. I copied your image on my iPad into photos next to my saved copy and when you flick between them you can definitely see the difference, I will adjust in PS .. thanks
  5. Took this last Monday night , before the weather got bad .. taken on my 130EDT and QSI583 with LRGB filters .. 24 x 300 sec Red 18 x 300 Sec Green 18 x 300 sec Blue 12 X 600 sec Lum 6 x 600 Sec Red . Processed in APP , PS and LR
  6. Hi Steve , thanks for your nice comment.. I must say though your first book has helped a great deal , especially in the very beginning of my Astrophotography trek .. though I still refer back to it quite regularly as well as your second book for the processing .. so thank you
  7. Thank you all for your nice comments , I know it not exactly a APOD .. but as Steve said , it is nice to see your work in print , and more importantly they deem it worthy of being there ..
  8. Hi Alan , I have been into photography for over 30 years, both as a hobby and living , but I haven't been into Astrophotography for very long at all , just over a year now ..not because I wasn't interested in what was up there , I just don't think we could image these things from our back gardens with relatively modest kit .. and since joining this forum I'm always amazed by the images people post whatever their level and abilities.. With technology ever improving I'm sure our images will also improve .
  9. Hi Steve , I was looking at buying a large Leasure battery anything from 80 to 110 ah .. but .. im a bit unsure about connecting up some of the equipment and doing damage .. for instance my laptop has a 10.8 V battery , and I'm concerned about my QSI cameras .. your thoughts would be appreciated ... Brian
  10. Postman dropped the October edition of Astronomy now through the letterbox on Monday morning . Always eager to scan through I ripped it out of the wrapping to find one of my shots ( NGC281) in the Gallery and they had also used it at the front of the magazine .. needless to say I'm stoked !
  11. Posted this image in earlier this week in Hubble pallet , but reprocessed this time as Ha- SynthG - OIII
  12. Thank you all for your comments .
  13. I map OIII Ha OIII .. then overlay with the Ha after I have played with it as a Luminance layer .. I am just playing with an iOptron 25 mount , to take a TS65Q scope so should give me a wider FOV without going to the hassle of mosaics ..
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