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  1. Hi , has anyone got anything experience of this software ? https://starizona.com/store/starizona-action-pack-for-photoshop if so is it any good ?
  2. Brian28

    Starizona Action Pack

    No one heard of this ? https://starizona.com/store/starizona-action-pack-for-photoshop
  3. Hi all .. has anyone used the Starizona Action Pack for photoshop ? If so was it any good ? Brian
  4. Brian28

    Dew II

    Hi , I know they do a heater that can stick around the front of the camera body , around the sensor aperture . But wasn't sure about the body . If it isn't desirable to place a band around the body , then what do others use to eliminate the dew ?
  5. Brian28

    Book wanted

    has anyone got a copy of The new astro zone system for astro imaging by by Ron Wodaski (Author), Russell Croman (Author) they have finished with and would like to move on ? cheers Brian
  6. Brian28

    Dew II

    Hi , there was already a resent post about Dew , but I didn't want to hijack it.. so started a new one .. my observation and question is ..I was imaging last week and my scope and Canon camera got very wet ,I have an Orion Optics CT8 which has Fans in the rear that stop the moisture on the mirrors , and I also run 2 dew ands one near the front of the main scope and one around the front of the guide scope .. my question is , I am getting a new QHY camera this week , is it ok to run a dew Band around the camera ? , I know the Sensor is cooled internally ,but will a band round the body cause any problems ? has anyone got any advice regards Brian
  7. Brian28

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    Hi Louise , thanks for your help , and yes when I was watching the PHD target and the corrections were one sided , and this changed subject to the inclination of the scope .. I will start afresh tomorrow by setting the mount up level , then balanceing as per those videos .. , just to make sure it is achievable .. then I will set it up end of next week for a session .. and see what happens to the guiding .. fingers crossed !
  8. Brian28

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    Hi , I fitted the belt mod about a month ago . , I just hope all the time working on the mount to improve the balance does help ..
  9. Brian28

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    Hi , yes it is useful .. , thanks .. i have spent most of the day with the mount in pieces .. the declination shaft felt like it as hipping somewhere , so I addressed that and I also removed the red washer and replaced it with a glacier bush , and then it was all lubed with teflon liquid grease .. it's now much better , I also made up the extender weight shaft .. and it all seems much better and I can balance the scope properly.. and I will watch the videos posted ! it's fairly clear here at the moment but it's due to cloud over , and as I did an all nighters on Thursday which was quite good though I Had to keep nannying the PHD , and I did a midnighter last night as it clouded over and the guiding was a nightmare .. so I'm giving it a miss tonight , and I'm away most of next week .. so I will have a try again end of next week and I will let you know how I get on .. thanks for your thoughts , I'm a little more positive now that the mount can work as this capacity , for now ! regards Brian
  10. Brian28

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    Yes , I know , it's just the weight of the scope assembly , not the balance weight she ..
  11. Brian28

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    Hi , I'm using an Altair 60mm guide scope with cam .. the heaviest portion would be the Camera and the moonlight focuser .. which is a lump on its own .. other items listed above . however I need to add more weight to the mount to even have a start to balancing so I have 3 weight s on the mount .. it seems to be a weight spiral ..
  12. Brian28

    HEQ5 Pro overload

    Hi .. I'm relatively new to this Astrophotography just a few months really , and have a problem I think ! .. i brought a second hand HEQ5 Pro mount and an Orion Optics CT8 scope and I'm really pleased with some of the results I'be been getting . I've added a guide scope and cam , focuser and my Canon camera , and heater controls , and USB hub .. etc .. The PHD guiding is strugging to guide properly , infact I struggle to balance the scope properly (intact it's not balanced properly) .. I have already had to add another weight to the mount .. so I just weighed the scope assembly And it's 15kg !!!! The max payload of this mount for Astrophotography is 11kg .. so I'm already 4kg over and I did read that 11 was probably optimistic .. SO ... This is a silly question , cos I think I already know the answer ........ do you think the overloaded mount Is the cause of my guiding problem ? And if so . what size mount should I really be looking at , an EQ6 ? ... ioptron 45 or 60 ? . Your thoughts cheers Brian
  13. Brian28

    Startools problem

    Probably a 32 , as I normally adjust this in PS ..

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