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  1. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Sent you a PM
  2. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    well it's here !
  3. Brian28

    Northern Trifid (NGC1579)

    Well my list of targets is getting longer thanks to your gallery Alan , but the amount of clearnights seems to be getting shorter ! Another stunning image ..
  4. Pegasus Astro EQMOD Bluetooth adapter for HEQ5 pro , AZ EQ6 AZ EQ5-GT and EQ8 Boxed with leads and instructions .. no longer required as change of mount .. has been used but very nice condition £38 inc postage in the UK
  5. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Hi Alan , I will update when I get it , could be tomorrow ! If not Monday .. as for the HEQ5 Pro that's already gone .. ..
  6. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Thanks Guys .. just ordered one ..
  7. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Hi John . Thanks for the info , I read your review again as well .. just one thing , that lead you highlighted, when you click on the link it takes you to a lead which doesn't state it's for a CEM60. Is that correct ?
  8. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    emm done it ! Gulp ordered the iOptron CEM60EC .... thanks for your views guys ..
  9. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    No it was just the Pro I was looking at , there is one available that has had little use and still comes with boxes , from what I've read it's a large mount with a very large payload capacity so I was thinking that in the future I could install it permanently.. and never have to worry about overloading !
  10. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Has anyone got any experience with the Celestron CGE Pro mount ? . I've seen the size of the mount and I know it's heavy, but quality and accuracy ?
  11. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Hi Pete , yes I see your point ..and totally understand .. thank you
  12. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Thanks Vlaiv for your explanation, it makes sense now .. thank you ..
  13. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Do those figures ( my figures in previous post 0.87 & 0.55) have any revalvence to mount capabilities ?
  14. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Hi Vlaiv .. ok so my scopes CT8 with QHY163C. 206.3*3.8um / 900 = 0.871 8" Edge with 0.7 reducer . QHY163 C 206.3 *3.8/ 1422. = 0.55 So what does this mean in reality..
  15. Brian28

    Which Mount ?

    Guys what is imaging scale ? Sorry for my ignorance

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