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  1. Next job is to work out what I need to connect my Fuji xt-3 to it!!
  2. Many thanks to all who guided and gave me food for thought. I managed to pick up a second hand ed72 with dielectric diagonal and a decent eyepiece. Very happy with it?
  3. Looking for an 80 or larger ED sky-watcher evostar kit. Mid like an erecting diagonal with it as I will use for terrestrial as well as basic star gazing and moon viewing. Mum based in West Sussex. Thanks! ian
  4. Are a Diagonal and eyepiece included? would it be good with an erecting diagonal for terrestrial viewing?
  5. I have been looking for a second hand 80ED. Seems to be very hard to come by!
  6. Having looked through both a mak style and refractor, I prefer the wider field of view of the refractor. Now looking at a potential of 4: Omni XLT AZ 120 startravel 120 az3 Starwave 70ed f6 or https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/sky-watcher-evostar-72ed-ds-pro-ota.html The last 2 will be circa £400 without a tripod and the first 2 substantially cheaper I’m interested to know thoughts on the differences between the 2 120 scopes detailed if anyone has experience of both?
  7. Skywatcher EVOSTAR 72ED BC003 Revelation Observers Eyepiece Kit PD001 Revelation Erect Image Diagonal FF146 Revelation 1.25" to 2" plus T thread adapter where all recomended by Telescope House based on my wants for basic planet/ moon viewing and terrestrial viewing. All seemed to get good reviews. Based on last 2 posted comments I’m concerned it may not work?
  8. That’s the scope then! now for eyepieces for the skywatcher 72ed!! thinking initially something like 20x magnification up to around 80x. I assume 2 eyepieces with a Barlow 2x would be a good idea? anything good around £100 total for 2 good eyepieces and a Barlow 2x? happy to go with 2” or 1.25” with the step down - best quality for £!
  9. Thanks. Reviews of this keep coming up https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/sky-watcher-evostar-72ed-ds-pro-ota.html though not sure what I’d need to buy on top?!
  10. I think I’m asking for the impossible! : decent exit pupil size (so easy to view for whole family). No (or very low) CA sharp optics ability to be magnified naturally orientated image good for planets / moon and looking at boats on the sea 3 miles away i dont mind if it’s a very long telescope - it won’t be travelling! happy to increase my budget to £400 (would like a tripod included but I do have a manfrotto SLR tripod available) am am I asking the impossible?
  11. I’m in West Sussex. The local (Worthing) ship suggested the ones on my original post but I’m now being drawn towards the mak style. Will this be a problem for terrestrial viewing with more limited field of view
  12. Thanks for the replies and advice. Ring new to the idea of getting a scope I’m confused!! mak or refractor options detailed above - whAt difference would I see? is field of view important? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/skywatcher-skymax-102-ota.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/evostar/sky-watcher-evostar-90-az-pronto.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/optical-tube-assemblies/celestron-c90-mak.html and do the maks give a vertically mirrored image when the horizontal flip is. “Corrected” with the 45 erecting prism? sorry for so many questions!!
  13. I’m looking for a telescope around 300 that has good magnification and good optics so I can do basic astronomy and look at the boats in the sea (approx 3 miles from our house!) I assume I need a refractor? looked at the celestron nexstar xlt 102 at £349 and the sky-watcher star travel 102mm £ 229.00 120mm £ 329.00 Thoughts?! also looked at the celestron ultimate 80 spotting scope at less than £200 (like the idea of zoom). All seem to have Chromatic aboration- any suggestions on alternatives in my price range please!
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