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  1. haha. I think Skywatcher has to address this issue. some people told me to change the tube ring,
  2. oh is that why it keeps on sliding? its sandwiched between two halves. I will try that tomorrow. Thanks for the advice. really appreciate.
  3. Did they gave you any solution for that?
  4. Hi everyone. I have recently purchased Skywatcher Esprit ED100 and the first time when I used the telescope I found that the scope tends to slide. I tried to fix this issue by tightening the screws. I couldnt find any luck so far. the scope keeps on sliding. Can any one help me with this issue. Did anyone encounter the same issue?
  5. Hi, Does AZ-EQ6 needs polar alignment? I live near equator, 1 degree from equator. both Northern celestial pole and Southern celestial poles are nearly at the horizon. Can I use 2 or 3 star alignment? will it help me? does 2 star or 3 star alignment is different from polar alignment? can someone explain. Thanks
  6. Both. but I want to know more about astrographic features of this telescope.
  7. Please Give me an idea. It will really help if someone who already have this telescope answers my question
  8. Can someone please upload photos taken by Skywatcher EQUINOX APO 120mm ED. I really want some idea about this telescope. I dont want another mistake. I already did a mistake by choosing OMNI 150mm Refractor. Please upload pictures if u have any. I dont want any google pictures.
  9. I need more friends who can help me with choosing telescope
  10. Hamey


    Hello everyone. I would like to know more about stargazing, So I thought I will start it from here. Thanks
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