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Recommend a campsite in Wales?


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Astronut and I want to go camping again soon (so besotted are we with our tunnel tent - how sad is that?!).

I want to go somewhere in Wales - hopefully by the sea (preferably dark).

Ian says the Gower peninsula is really dark.

Electric hook up is a must - as is a campsite shop stocked up with Calor gas(!) - and clean showers.

Can anyone recommend a good camp site?

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UKcampsite is a good source of info with loads of reviews for just about every site in the country - and a great lookup tool - well worth joining as it's totally free :icon_eek:

The UK Camp Site for Tent and Caravan Campers in the UK

Oh and the Gower is lovely to camp on and very dark :rolleyes:

I'm actually a member of that site! What a coincidence! :D:)

It's because there are so many choices with good reviews on that site that I've asked on here - there is such a thing as too much choice! :D

Thanks for the tip, though.

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Darkest skies are on the extreme South Western tip of the Gower peninula (Rhosilli) closer to Swansea you have the LP from Swansea and the South Wales coast and Bristol/Avonmouth and North Devon to contend with... Have a look on Google maps and you will see what I mean...

You'll be down in my neck of the woods .. cant tell you much about campsites as I have never needed to camp down there but have fished of most of the beaches at night and lately been down there with the astro kit...


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Pennard is nice.. I use Southgate carpark for a southern Horizon if I am feeling lazy... but its almost directly opposite Ilfracombe... If i am feelign "brave" then its Rhossili Cliffs overlooking Worms head.. the far end of Gower is beyond the "Knee" in the North Devon Coast... so big improvement in South/South western skies...looking out to the west Tenby become one of you LP hotspots...

I get lost for a few minutes when I am down there under clear skies...



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Moonlit Worms Head... From Rhosilli cliffs...

Three cliffs is ideal as its pretty central on the South coast of Gower... for a 360 degree horizon you just need to go up on to Cefn Bryn at Renyldston... not far from the camp site... your out of the dirsct view of the lights of Swansea/Port talbot and as long as the skies are dry then its ok...

Port Eynon can get lively... had some mad nights down there...

Heres a Twilight Pano from Rhosilli


And a couple of sunset images from the same place...



I would go with Helen's recommendation for a the campsite though...

As its cliftop rather than beach Level...

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I am a bit late responding to this post I think, sorry about that.

But it may be an idea if next time you look up sites on or near Anglesey where I live as the skies here are excellent.

You may find places to stay if you also look under Ynys Mon which is the Welsh name for the place.

Try to steer clear of the coast if you can for camping as it can get a bit windy, but other than that it is a fantastic place for camping. There are a lot of sites, some of which could have exactly what you are looking for.

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Hi - I was on the Lleyn Peninsula a couple of weeks ago, and the skies were great. Really excellent views of the Milky Way and I was able to find a lot of NGC clusters that I had never tracked down before (in binos). I can't recommend a particular site, but you might want to look around the Aberdaron area for really dark skies.


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Hi all,

Go camping regularly in the summer down the Gower and beyond.

Can highly recommend these for the Gower:

Nicholaston Farm Caravan & Camping , Swansea Campsites, Glamorgan

Great views over 3 Cliffs Bay, not the flattest of campsites though.

Carreglwyd Camping & Caravan Park , Swansea Campsites, Glamorgan

Lovely campsite, nice local pub & fish shop too

Greenways Leisure Park , Swansea Campsites, Glamorgan

Great facilities, walking distance to Oxwich beach which is great.

All 3 are very clean, reasonably priced (for the gower!) and family friendly.

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