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  1. RIP to a great man who will be missed by many, no matter the level of education.
  2. Oh and I hope you all have a great time. Clear skies folks
  3. I think Two sleeping bags for warmth (one inside the other) thermal underwear for the older or more fragile (like me) ... and you can wear one in a chair while you sit up. A nice fleecy onsey under your outer layers is good too. You really need a good food flask with hot stew or soup in it too as well as one with tea/coffee. A DO NOT DISTURB sign helps when you need some sleep.
  4. I suspected a fad for something else that I didn't want to know
  5. my viewing is severely limited just now I need at least a 48" Dob with a goto attachment if anyone wants to give it away
  6. Just bought a cheapo pair of binoculars to give it a try. 10-30 X 60 Don't laugh but I found them in Lidl for a few bob just before Christmas. They are brilliant for me!!!!! Now all I need is a tripod .... hmmm
  7. Used your link ordered a book, it arrived yesterday. Great service and a smashing looking book. thanks once again Dave
  8. We would all like the full picture but not knowing is what drives us onward as a species.
  9. Well I do my best and I have a new hobby for Saturday nights .... I do a show on internet radio/ Probably the worst show ever lol
  10. There is something about Frac's isn't there? For me they bring back many memories of when I started out. I have a Prinz frac from my youngster days but it is damaged so not usable... May get another one day if I can simply because they make me happy.
  11. Saw these and wondered if anyone had actually made some?
  12. Looks a bit second hand Can I get it delivered?
  13. No not really Roy thank you for the kind offer but in all honesty I can not think of anything (apart from snippets of advice I may ask for now and again) I live on Angelsey, so any local kind hearts who would like to show me their setup may prove useful I suppose. Not sure if there is a society near where I live.
  14. Well you have trouble spreading astronomy on toast and nobody has yet used Marmite to look at nebula
  15. I want to try exo-planet imaging, now where can I buy a Webb Space telescope for a fiver and a pack of hobnobs
  16. No need to say sorry Swamp Thing I am not offended. I have only ever had a Newtonian or a refractor. Unless I can get one that has a great light capture for the immediate future I am shafted. A dob would do that, but I don't have the money for a half decent imaging scope as well. I was hoping I could combine the two. That way I could sit safe and warm in a brightly lit room staring at the computer from a range of 2 inches while the scope did the work outside.
  17. I am very lucky to have always had a sense of humour. Yes sometimes recently it has been a bit tense, but if you can't smile about stuff when you have no control, then life is going to be either very painful or very boring. I even saw the funny side when my new car was written off after 1 month of ownership. Sort of. A bit. In fact Kill the swine that hit it. LOL
  18. Sadly I do now as normal viewing is likely to be a thing of the past for me soon.
  19. Never had a Dob what are the drawbacks? And how good are they for imaging?
  20. What wonderful people you are I only wanted to say sorry for my absence and give a brief explanation why. But now you have made me feel a lot better. In fact I may be able to manage a beer right now (hint hint) Got to admit that when the priest was standing over me I was thinking "This is it, now is my chance to see what is really out there." And disappointed to find I kept waking up and getting better. LOL Actually I did see a monstrous vision when I first woke up....... it was my sister rifling through my pockets LOL LOL ( They needed a place to stay and were after my house keys) Even my boss visited me in hospital (But only to ask when I could be back at work) But anyway I really want to thank you all for your kind words. Now I will have to see if I can set up a scope attached to a computer. Never really considered it before.
  21. Thanks for that. Yes it has been hard and will be for a long time, but I am a stubborn ol' sod and they are not getting m just yet. LOL I intend to be the first oap who is blind to land on Mars with a 21 year old nubile co-pilot LOL LOL
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