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The 120 has landed.


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I got a call from my dad this morning to let me know my new scope had arrived :D. Its a Startravel 120 EQ3-2 that is gonna be used for messier hunting and other dso's.

With dad at the instructions and me half listening we had the scope fully assembled within an hour. The pics on the website we ordered from showed the older blue ota, but the one that was delivered was the new diamond black and white model. I was also thinking the EQ3 was black with silver legs but it was white and complements the ota perfectly.

After lining up the rdf and playing with the EQ mount for a while i was pleasantly pleased with the overall build quality. I've heard lots say the EQ3 wasn't man enough for the 120, but it seems fine. I tapped the legs a few times with the 10mm ep in and the vibrations dampened very quickly.

As you can imagine, the next clear night cannot come anywhere near soon enough. I'll post the first light report asap.


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Congrats on teh new scope Steve. I had the old Helios version of that which got me back into astronomy 10 years ago after quite a long gap. They are excellent, a good mix of portability and light gathering.

I remember my 1st night out with it visiting some old friends in the sky and was blown away with just how much you can see with one of these scopes.


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Congratulations on the new arrival.

I think the EQ3-2 is fine for the Startravel 120 F/5, it's the F/8.3 Evostar 120 that it struggles a bit with - those aluminum legs don't like long tubed scopes !.

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