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  1. Morning all, where has the sale section gone ? Al
  2. Wow, I had to check with Google skymap on my phone to confirm. Looks like its gonna be a clear night here. Al Sent using a nifty Android App from my HTC Sensation.
  3. Don't take it as gospel from me, but i read on here a while ago someone put steel eq5 legs onto an eq3 mount and it worked. I think. Al Sent using a nifty Android App from my HTC Sensation.
  4. Messier widget, heavens above, moonshine, spaced. Al Sent using a nifty Android App from my HTC Sensation.
  5. I have this too, it was very cheap Sent using a nifty Android App from my HTC Sensation.
  6. Yes, I believe they were. Wait till you see Saturn. Sent using a nifty Android App from my HTC Sensation.
  7. I still get a kick out of finding dso's with my bins in my back garden. Small almost unrecognizable and shaky with my 15 x 70's. But a mile and a half drive to a very dark site with my 120mm refractor they are unbelievable in comparison. It's also important how you observe, I use the averted vision method and give my peepers a break every minute or 2 and I can tease out a bit more detail. I read on here a while back that if you learn a bit about your nights targets from books and drawings it helps too. I've since bought and read some great books on messier objects and it really does help. Mi
  8. It's a strange phenomenon that clear days are followed by cloudy nights. Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e
  9. I've only ever tried S@N and i love it so im a subscriber and have been for over a year now. Al
  10. Hi Mark, Best thing i ever did was to upgrade to an AZ4 mount for my ST120, i have the alu leg version and its excellent. Al
  11. Yes, my 120mm refractor is perfect for my DSO interest. Small light and on an AZ4 a joy to use. Al
  12. Mine came next day, excellent service. No sweets though Al
  13. Its waaaaay to early to make me laugh like this just did. Al
  14. Wow, the 16" must have been a sight alright. Good luck with the sales. Al
  15. PMSL, good skills on the obsy though. Al
  16. My dad has the Meade ls 6 and i downloaded this for him: http://www.meade.com/manuals/TelescopeManuals/ETXtelescopes/ETX-LS_Manual.pdf HTH Al P.S. This is also what my father bought for dew prevention: Orion Dew Zapper 8" His was the 6" version though. All in all its an amazing scope and a 9mm ep should give stunning views of the planets. Al
  17. Apart from E B A Y ?????? Would rather pay from my card direct, than from my paypal account. Any ideas ? Al
  18. Hi, this was my first scope too, I loved it. Enjoy. Al Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e
  19. I'm a believer scubamike, so I'm not getting dragged into details. Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using Tapatalk
  20. I believe we went there, but some of the photos look dodgy. I read once that they may have been fabricated due to camera malfunctions up there due to extreme heat. Apollo 12's Alan Beans camera fried when he accidentally pointed it toward the sun. Either way heros the lot of them, and sadly only 9 left now. That's only 9 human beings to have stepped onto another heavenly body ! Al Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using Tapatalk
  21. Morning all, i have a Startravel 120mm which i use purely for messier hunting. I have a couple of decent ep's down to 15mm. The lowest i have is the standard 10mm ep that came with my scope. My question is: do i invest in a decent 10mm ep or go down to say, an 8mm ep? Would an 8mm be pushing my scopes abilities and will DSO'S fit in an 8mm field of view? If yes to decent 10 or 8mm ep's which make and model ? Budget of £50. Thanks in advance Al
  22. I read it wasnt a naked eye object. Good old cornish weather eh ?! Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using Tapatalk
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