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  1. Wow you lot are very critical! Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with expressing opinions I think we should celebrate the fact that the programme exists at all and appears popular enough to have been made again this year. I also think they should leave how to's to the Sky at Night to be honest. Showing how an eq mount is setup would be too dry for most people I suspect. This programme is more about kindling interest, nothing more. Once you've done that, people will go off and find out how to do the technical stuff. I do think it's worth spending a couple of minutes going outside the studio to people saying, "Wow!". Other peoples enthusiasm is often infectious! Again, this kindles interest. Regarding astro photography, they did consistently mention that photograph X took 2 hours exposure, and briefly mentioned stacking of a video in Back to Earth. Perhaps some feel the title of Stargazing Live is misleading. Well they're stuck with that now and I don't think we should take it literally. Cheer up you lot Steve
  2. It was supposed to be passing over this evening around that time I believe. I didn't find out until after though
  3. You should have two sets of screws or knobs to turn. Sometimes you have to take a plate off the back of the scope to get to all of this as they hide it away for some reason. Anyway, one set of screws are actually what the mirror sits on and the other set are just to tighten things up once you've finished with the adjustment screws. So loosen one set. Adjust other set. Then retighten original set. Hope that helps Steve
  4. Wednesday till Saturday for me. In a nice warm motorhome this time - none of that freezing in a tent nonsense
  5. Well at least I know when the first snow of the year's going to arrive 8-) More seriously, looking forward to my 2nd Star Party... Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  6. My two pence worth... I actually had a Hyperion Zoom but didn't get on with it. It was a nice piece of kit but I found I couldn't find a good eye position (I do wear glasses but not for viewing). I've gone back to individual eyepieces. I only mention this because it's sometimes worth having a look at these things before purchase. However, they do have a reasonable resale value and the optics are great so it's not too much of a risk Good luck with the scope Steve
  7. No problem. One of the guys that was there pm'd me. I already had the address but didn't know where to go after that. At least I know where it is now
  8. Hi It does take a while to get used to any telescope. I'm on my second and it was a bit of a shock going from an eq mount to an auto dob earlier this year. Just beginning to get used to it now. Persevere if you can as it's worth it. Also worth finding some local like minds or pop along to an astro camp - everyone's always full of helpful advice on here as well Don't be disheartened! If it was easy it'd be boring Steve
  9. I can't comment technically as I'm just a planetary spc kind of guy but that's a cool looking space jellyfish you've got there Might just be my desktop background next week methinks. Steve
  10. Ok after 40mins I've given up. Have to find somewhere else ...
  11. It's at this point in the evening in the pitch black near a pumping station that I realise I don't actually know where we're meeting...
  12. Yes. I will be there. Not sure what time, but I will be there. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for the replies. It just helps confirm I'm not doing anything wrong. Tracking was pretty good last night Steve.
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