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Heads Up - Low Cost Celestron Plossl EP Kit

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Shop in Manchester selling a kit at £125. It is very similar to FLO's offering but a slightly different range of FLs. Look like 2nd gen Taiwanese ones (?) - not the newer Omnis.

FLO's equivalent is about the best of the rest at £160.

Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit 1.25".

Just wish as a glasses wearer I could use a plossl less than 15mm!

Hope this is of some use to somebody and, if they are a cheap rip-off, please say!


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I bought the same kit about 3 yrs ago. Its a GREAT starter kit for beginners. The 32mm EP is really amazing.

For a newbie who is unsure of what EP to buy it is GREAT. It gives a nice experience of a wide range.

This EP set really does hold its value when sold second hand.

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how come the 32mm is 44 degree's that kinda defeats the object for me

Yes - it should be 50 or 52 degrees if it's a decent one. The 40mm's of that type are 43 degrees an they are a bit like looking into a drinking straw !

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I ordered this kit with my scope, and I have to say they do seem excellent (especially for a starter)! The filters are handy as well (although I've only used the Moon one so far)! Used the 4mm with the Moon filter last night for the first time and the quality and detail was awesome, super crisp and clear (although I have no other point of reference)!!

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I have this kit and was dissapointed - the advert says 4-element design but that applies to only one ep in the set - the rest are single elements. I also can't use the peephole 4mm and 6mm - far too small - though I appreciate others have fared better. The filters I don't know enough about to pass comment on. The barlow I find not good at all.

On a plus note - the ally case is brilliant lol :D

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The 4mm is a tricky so-and-so, having only used it once I can see what your saying about it being very small, but I got some excellent views through it once I'd lined it up and focused (not the easiest, but worth it my opinion... Although only on my second ever time out)! The sheet that comes in the box tells what each filter would be handy for... Haven't been able to use them yet though!

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For about the same money I purchased a set of eyepieces by Revelation Astro


Features include:

  • Fold down rubber eyeguards for comfort
  • Filter threads (standard 1.25")
  • Rubber grips on models over 15mm
  • 52 degree field of view
  • Safety cut barrels to prevent slippage
  • Blackened lens edges for improved contrast
  • Dust caps for both ends

The 32mm eyepiece is an excellent choice for low-power observing and incorporates a sliding barrel and male T-thread for imaging. Simply unscrew the cap to reveal the T-thread which accepts a standard T-ring for eyepiece projection astro-photography with a digital SLR camera.

A standard 1.25" T-adaptor with filter thread is also included for prime focus imaging.

A good quality ND96 Moon filter and a set of four colour filters are also included.


  • Plossl 9mm
  • Plossl 12mm
  • Plossl 15mm
  • Plossl 20mm
  • Plossl 32mm (projection/visual)
  • Barlow x2
  • T adaptor
  • 1.25" ND96 Moon Filter
  • #11 Yellow Green
  • #25A Red
  • #47 Violet
  • #82A Light Blue

Supplied complete with a lockable aluminium case with die-cut foam.

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Anybody know if there are any kits suitable for spectacle wearers? I already have a 25mm TAL Plossl and have more or less decided on the following:

6mm WO SPL equivalent (or the TS HR 6mm - both use the TMB planetary design, so far as I can tell)

2 x TAL Barlow

Meade Moon Filter

Not sure how much use the Barlow will be with the WO SPL (there's a lot of glass there anyway and 3mm will only be of any use in the very best of seeing) but it will give me 12ish mm from the Plossl and increase flexibility when I add another 32 or 40mm plossl later.

I can get the WO planetary, TAL barlow and Meade filter from FLO for about £100; it would be lovely to be able to get a kit in the range £100 - £150 that includes decent eye relief throughout (i.e. 15mm +) and covers, say, 6 - 32mm in about 5 steps, possibly with a reasonable filter and a case.

Any thoughts?

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I have the 6mm SPL and I think it is an excellent eyepiece, great contrast and sharpness, plus very comfortable eye relief (although I observe without my specs on). However you might find 200X to be slightly excessive for the aperture, although fine for close double stars and perhaps the moon, Mars and Saturn, which tend to bear high magnification well.

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