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  1. be good to see you guys again
  2. hello all, not been on here for a very long time, lost a bit of interest, anyone going to sgl 8, im going but no scope this time.
  3. hi , hope you enjoy this hobby, become a member of the southwales group on here
  4. RIP kev condolances to the family
  5. my last buy was a tripod/hq4 mount/ and RA motor for it at SGL7
  6. very nice buddy me and grahame will have to pop up one night
  7. yes tich it was a great view that new lens of yours was ace.
  8. has anyone tried the carpark at pen-y-fan pond
  9. neil hankey,, leo triplet,, breath taking ,, amazing,,
  10. well what to say about the weekend it was brill met some new mates (taffy2/tich/big dave, mr fibbles and psycobilly ,, font of knowledge,,.thanks guys .saw some amazing scopes , and amazing pics ,, to all the organizers,, THANK YOU. roll on next year.
  11. 1 more sleep then yippee happy days cant wait
  12. im now on leave for 10 days roll on SGL7 im excited
  13. im buying a eq4 mount at this years SGL7 but was wondering which motors would fit it
  14. id like to see the surface of the sun moving if poss as my scope shows white ball black spots which is great but ud love to see me
  15. cheers taffy2 ill take you up on that
  16. theres is someone selling that type mount with tripod etc on astro/buy and sell
  17. on the last SGL i looked at the leo triplet stunning through a 10 in dob if any one can beat that for me im on pitch 108
  18. if your camping and have a electric hook up get yourself a oil radiator .cheap and very warm . no bad fumes and safe ,
  19. my 200p is bleep , 4in is booster,, bleep and booster now im showing my age
  20. thanks daz , hello to my neighbours, hope your good with computors im useless lol
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