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eye piece question


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hey guys,

just wondering does anyone own these EPs, and what are they like, im currently using celestron plossl EPs, and would these be much better, televue nagler 16mm type 5

televue nagler 9mm type 6

any views appreciated

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Hi space 3

I do own 2 Naglers a 12mm T4 and a 17mm T4 and agree with Brantuk 100% they are great eyepieces IMO if you have a chance of getting them second hand buy them

and look after them and they will last a life time, If you do get then let us know we love to here what you think



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You'll love them. Click on the Community tap at the top of the page then social groups there is a Televue group, join in.

thanks Kris77

Ill will wait until I get to try them out and Ill pop in for a chat and let ye no what I think of them, looking forward to using them because ive only ever used the celetron plossl EP, these are the first expensive ones ive bought.

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for me the thing with Televue and Pentax and all the other top brands is that you generally know your view could not be bettered by anything else. there are subtle differences in the top brands but they are all as good as it gets and you therefore make the most of every observing opportunity you get.

with faster scopes (e.g. f6 and faster) you'll see an even bigger jump im performance.

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