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Meade 16" on the 'bay

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Was having a general shufty at telescope stuff and wandered across this:-

MEADE 16" STARFINDER DOBSONIAN TELESCOPE on eBay (end time 17-Nov-10 11:53:07 GMT)

I've no intention of purchasing it - my interest was taken by the fact that the mirror has been physically removed from the OTA after every use.... I'm assuming this will cause more problems than it cures due to collimation issues etc....

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I've been following that one as well. Looking at the scratch I was wondering if having the mirror re-coated would deal with it ?. Depends how deep it is I guess.

I reckon you would buy it for the optics and re-house them in a truss tube, decent mirror cells, etc. The mirrors on those were reputed to be reasonably good I believe.

The lowest quality Orion Optics mirror set at 16" is £1,700 ......

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Would a scratch like that have a noticable affect on performance? They don't seem to think so, unsurprisingly.

No, I don't think it would. Think how big the central obstruction is on a scope like that - the scratch would be unnoticable in performance terms. If it were mine I'd still prefer it not to be there of course :)

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