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  1. I've just seen all these new replies, thanks again everyone, pleased to meet you all
  2. now I know who to sue next time I get sunburn
  3. I can't comment on its accuracy, but I've used it in this way with my binoculars to find Uranus and M82. I set the FOV to that of my binoculars and then memorised a sequence of star hops to find my target.
  4. That makes sense, thanks for explaining it I'll take a look at that link
  5. How accurate (directionwise) do you have to be when sticking on the base plate? I assume there are fine adjustment controls on the actually skope? (that feels like a bit of a silly question)
  6. '...for all good men to come to the aid of their country' Pardon my paraphrase and do ignore me if that doesn't mean anthing to you
  7. You might have seen it mentioned but some people find the finderscopes on these skywatcher dobsonian scopes to be very uncomfortable to use. Theres a couple of threads discussing this and the recommendation is normally to replace it with a spotting scope that includes a diagonal and/or to get a red dot/telrad/rigel scope. Something worth being aware of and perhaps budgeting for. EDIT: See HERE and HERE
  8. Thanks for the link (and a big thanks to Astro Baby)
  9. Very useful thread, I am looking at both these scopes but am settling on the 8" Dob instead of the 10". If it goes how I hope then I'll transplant the Dob to an Eq mount or just buy a better scope. Oh and my advice is to buy from who ever you want and don't second guess your scope decision now you've made it (not that you've shown any signs you were)
  10. Very nice, definately visually appealing I think that's the first scope I've seen on here with wooden legs (I'm new ok!), oh and dobs don't count
  11. Instructions for those who have it installed by default but haven't used it yet (i.e. me ): Enable the tool by clicking the tool-bar button, or by pressing control-A. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen to tell you that the tool is active. Drag a line from the first point to the second point using the left mouse button To clear the measurement, click the right mouse button To deactivate the angle measure tool, press the tool-bar button again, or press control-A on the keyboard. EDIT: these are the instructions off the site but for me I have to left click to clear the measurem
  12. I was wondering, from what sort of aperture will you need to consider a moon filter? I'm comtemplating an 8" dob so I've a suspicion I'll be needing a filter too.
  13. Some people have to worry about more than just their eyelashes obscuring the lens!
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