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M45 and Orion Time Lapse

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Hi all,

I decided that tonight would be a great time to go to Butser Hill in hampshire, and try and make a time lapse video.

I used my Canon 500D and the 50mm F1.8 lense, on a fixed tripod. In total it took me about 70 minutes and 100, 30 second exposures @ ISO 100 and F1.8.

Anyway, I hope you like it :)


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Thanks Jon, I had a lot of fun making it... It took its time because i forgot my remote timer, so i had to manually take every photo... DOH.

I had a guess at how to put it all together, (never doing one before) and i just used Windows Movie Maker... Is that what people normally use?



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Wow, that's dedication.

I'm just starting to get into time lapse myself and am by no means an expert, however, after checking out techniques and stuff on the net, Quicktime Pro seems to be the way to go. It's only about £20 from the Apple store and does a very good job.

I found this really helpful but there are loads of sites out there offering advise.

How to do Time-Lapse Photography on Vimeo

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Thanks Jon... I just jumped in, so to say. I didnt know what i was going to do last night when i got there and just thought I would take aload of subs and deal with putting them together when i got back, but i did manage to make a star trail with the same data :) Ill post that tonight.

Thanks again jon

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Well done Keiran,i just bought a Merlin goto mount so i can do pan and tilt time lapse....when i get round to it.

Trouble is i've found it tracks accurately enough to do lovely 2 minute exposures of the milkyway,thats from my garden so the LP

is starting to take over so i'm more interested in seeing how it peforms out in the dark countryside.

I've used star trails for short movies before and when my son is home from college he tries to show me how to edit them

using Sony Vegas,a complicated piece of software but its amazing what you can do with it.

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Thanks Guys, I cant wait to have another go at this, but next time i will make sure i bring my timer....

Stuwart, I have looked at them merlin goto, an alt/az goto mount... it would be great for a grab and go... I also need to get a LP filter, i have a stepper ring for the 50mm but just need the filter now :)

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