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Nice weather, shame about the seeing


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Its been lovely out in the sun this week ;) might even have a bbq tomorrow but I wish I could say the same for the state of the sky after sundown.

Its not just the moon being a thug, but there seems to be a lot of very high cloud (or dust... cant tell) thats getting illuminated by the moon. I tried a few subs last night and the results were total pants. I think we need a bit of wind and/or rain to clear things out.

Looking at the moon, you could see a definite halo around it covering quite a lot of the sky. "Milky" would be the best way to describe it. Lets hope it clears up soon!


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I found the moon not to bad last night, I agree about the halo around the moon. Don't do DSO's when the moons up so cannot really comment on that side of it. I blame the ash.

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At least those blasted contrails dont appear to be smearing today...

At least Volcvanic ash makes for nice sunrise and sunsets....

Lucky you! ;)

The sky above my head looks like the aerial version of spaghetti junction. Exactly how many planes have been put in service? I saw at least 20 this morning from 8am - 11am, (spent the day outdoors), I don't normally see that many as the airspace is normally quiet...

It's been impossible to do any DSO hunting the last few nights...:) Thank goodness for Saturn, the Moon and Mars....

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Youre not wrong about the contrails! While I was out getting the paper this morn I couldnt help but notice how many trails littered the sky, far more than usual. The seeing was more or less the same last night, slightly hazy.

Im quite inclined to think it may be dust up there now because quite a lot of cars around here have a noticeble amount of that fine, brownish ash on them. There has been little wind, so its probably just hanging around up there. Good job I didnt have the scope out i guess, it would be a nightmare to clean that stuff out of a newt.

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