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Tonight, maybe....?


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Theres definitely an autumnal feel in the air today, with brilliant blue skies, fluffy white cloud, and a crisp breeze, its quite beautiful out there today.... 8) Now if my memory serves me correct, isn't that a good combination for a clear night? I've checked the met office and carpcheck, and they have both forcast a run of clear nights..... :laugh:

I can't remember the last time I did a solo observation, its been a while, the scope will no doubt need collimating, which I'm fairly sure of how to do now, without referring to literature etc, so with any luck, tonight could be it. The only draw back is the moon, but hey as WH says, and I quote

The Moon is a target, not a source of light pollution

Any suggestions for targets, feel free to bring them my way, I need a challenge, dust away the cobwebs so to speak...

Clear skies

Caz :wink:

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You have a lunar eclipse tonight, so keep an eye on that if nothing else - 8pm

Oh excellent..... 8)

Double Cluster and M31 are also good from your location or do you want something more challenging?

M31 would be good for a warm up.... :laugh:

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Double cluster is my favourite.

Oh and Arthur, it will be clear tonight, no doubt about it.

1) I tinkered in the obs all yesterday evening, which means I wont be allowed out tonight. :nono: That is usually enough for clear skies.

2) In addition, there is a big bright moon which only appears when it is clear enough for me to image


I reckon that my wife and the moon top trump your 22" scope :laugh:


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I don't know if you like Planets, but Uranus is about in Aquarius, and pretty close to the moon tonight, maybe that might take your fancy?

M31, M33 and the double are also nice at the moment, though I don't know how the moon will effect seeing with the fainter fuzzies.

Albireo, M29, M39 and M45 are some of my favourites to look for too.


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