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Obs roof blew off.....


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I don't know what it's like where you are but here in NI we are in the grips of some severe weather. Electricity off since six o'clock (in the middle of cooking dinner), phone lines now off, and at least a foot of snow. To top it off my Dad phoned me to tell me his 9' x 9' tongue and groove roof (weighs a lot, we both struggled to lift it and that was before the felt when on) has literally blown off across the garden. That could have killed someone. His obs is empty thank goodness apart from tools, and some wood, and was held down with a couple of clips as a temp measure but they broke off. So just a word of warning for others. My obs is almost flooded, about six inches of water approaching level of the floor. I've moved everything up and out of the way, and if it reaches the top of the pier (3 feet) well I'll have more to worry about that a couple of telescopes :(



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Well my fish pond has extended to cover most of the garden now.

It has rained almost non stop two days, and the winds have been

Powerful gusts overnight.

Obs. still intact though, if the winds want it, they will need to lift it bodily from it's bolted down anchorage.:(.


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