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  1. From a trip down to outside Kelso. Two great clear nights.
  2. Taken at the last Galloway SP ( Nov 2012 ). Shows the quality of the skies there when no clouds and dark skies.
  3. There is a wee rumour that two muppets might also be attending ! Wonder who.
  4. Just want to add my own congrats to you Robbie, couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke . Wishing you every success in your new appointment. Pete
  5. RIP Patrick, astronomy has lost a shining star. Pete
  6. Just want to add my own Thanks to all there. As usual t'was a great event. They seem to improve each time ! Good seeing auld freens and meeting some new ones. Special thanks to Robbie for the loan of the EQ cable, muppet here brought the EQ5 one ( least I remembered the counter weight bar this time ! ) Some nice Malts brought along ( purely medicinal to avert depression with weather Thurs/Fri cloudy nights mind you ! ). That said , we did get the odd break and saw great views. Saturday was absolutely spectacular !!! As said , seeing MW majestically stretching across both horizons was a sight
  7. Hope you guys are behaving having fun lol. The banter will be great amongst you lot, gonna miss that. Pete
  8. As said else where , sadly I cannot attend this one. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi and best of luck for it. I am , however booked up for Galloway on Nov , as is David. Thank gawd mike was ok Pete
  9. Nice , best one I have seen so far , looks like there could be more colour detail in it as well? Pete
  10. Nice glass. Looking at some lenses atm, really tempted with the lower to mid range L's. Picture there deff' helps in decisions. Pete
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