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Had a go a a large mosiac.


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Expanding my horizons from DSO during the full moons and clear skies.

The other half of the moon didn't come out, but live and learn.

This is about 35 images stacked. Each image was registaxed from 500 shot avi's, about 25 GB in total.

Next time will be a 3x Barlows to give about 200 avi's to be stitched together. Should be a all nighter and all dayer to process.


Shot with a Skywatcher ED120 Diamond Pro with 2x Barlows and a QHY5 guide cam as a mono lunar imager.

Registax 35 avi's to give about 35 images and then put together.

For those feeling brave on a 1/2mb line to my server, here is the full 45mb tiff image.

http://extraview.dnsalias.com/temp/moon/attempt1 large.tif

or those not so brave a medium 11mb size image

http://extraview.dnsalias.com/temp/moon/attempt1 medium.tif

Hope you like, my 1st ever attempt at this sort of thing.

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Nice one Cat...

Remember your going to grab the data fairly quickly especially along the terminator...

Might be worth automating the changes in RA/DEC...


Funny you should say that about automating.

Just installed eqmod for the EQ6pro mount so can control the slew from the laptop instead of the handset.

Also have Maxim DL 5.03 and was wondering if it was possible to automate the avi process and moving the mount in the patchwork.

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cheers Peter, found the mosiac mode in the exposure batch processing.

Just looked at it and it looks very very very sweet.

Give it the arcsecs you want your image to be up and down and it will control the mount for you via ascom drivers and do what you want it to do.

Now only prob is can't see how to control my QHY5 exposure and gain settings via Maxim DL.

I have QCVideo by Tom for QHY5 avi's very good, so wonder if I can get that taking the images and get Maxim to auto move the mount. Not sure as it is attached to the camera settings, unless I use the simulator camera :)

Will definately play.

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Ok got EQMosiac and used CCD to calc my ArcSeconds per image.

Just got to play with it now.

Might be easier than doing it all by hand and eye for large mosiacs.

Watch out for a 3 - 4x powermate barlow mosiac of probably 400 - 500 panes next time we get 3 hours of clear moon :)

Just worked that out, about 4x5arcmins per avi.

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