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  1. Amazing, given I bought mine from them in 2009 and they were in stock for a good 6 months+ after that....
  2. TH are the revelation importers and only available through them as far as I know. Perhaps give them a ring and see when they may be having more in stock...
  3. It doesn't really as most equipment comes with 12V car sockets attached - you'd have to get a soldering iron out. Just that you could use these (amperages allowing).
  4. First thing then : make sure you're confident of what you're doing. If you connect the thing up the wrong way around, or short the battery in any way, you have a lump of lead capable of discharging several hundred amps in a very short period of time. Broken kit and possibly damage to yourself may happen. Warning over.Actually, wiring these things up is incredibly easy. All the connections in my box were crimp connectors (no soldering needed) and the only hard parts were deciding which connectors were needed for the battery. My completed box is shown here: http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astron
  5. Umm... Maybe tomorrow peeps... Still have this on my list of things to do...
  6. You don't need an invertor for the macbook, just google "macbook car adapter" and you'll find a cigarette lighter version for £20-£30. I'll reply later about parts (gotta have tea now...)
  7. Hi all, I have 60 images, taken on a tripod, which show the usual orange glow. I want to stream them into a movie (I know how to do that) but I'd like to get rid of the background glow which I can do quite easily with pixinsight le on a single frame. I can't find any way of automating it though. I guess gradxterminator would do the trick in some Photoshop action, but I'm too stingy to pay $50 for something I may only use once. I have PS5 and the usual freebie astro software. Anyone with any bright ideas how I might automate the process? TIA
  8. Thank you sir... Just happened to see it on the way home in the car. If I'd have been 2 minutes earlier, the sky was sooo much redder..
  9. I'm getting more and more into wide shots (hey, no 'scopes so...) The fist one is from 11/9 - with Venus in tow - or is it the moon in tow with Venus. Taken with a 450D, 24-105 @ 105 f4 L and the second one from 21/9 showing a completely different view taken with a 450D 70-200 @ 200 F4 L
  10. Crikey... that's put the cat amongst the pigeons. Any news on performance? Andy (who just sold all EQ/imaging related things )
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