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Astro weather forecasts


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Hi All,

After watching a program on TV tonight, it mentioned a group of amateur weather forcasters that span the country. I've sent an email to see if they would be interested in a hook up with the forum to provide region based Astro weather forcasting for us here in the UK. Of course I've offered something in return, a free banner on the site!.

Thought this maybe of use, plus something they may also find interesting

I will await a reply & advise.

Rob :)

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Great idea Rob,

At a talk I gave recently at the Meteorological centre in Exeter, I asked them why they didn't cater more for the interests of astronomers.  Though they do have quite a lot of amateur astronomers within their workforce they did not really offer an explanation for why there was no 'clear sky' or 'seeing conditions' indicator in their forecasts :?  

Steve :)

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Quote from the site:

The TORRO Annual Autumn Conference

This years Autumn Conference will be held on Saturday 8th October at the Oxford Brookes University.

Well, well, well. The conference is on my brother's birthday & is being held two streets away from where I live!!! :shock:

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Nice one Rob. I also watched that program with mild shock at the amount of tornado's that we actually get in a year! 66 last year wasn't it :shock:

A hook up with them would be good - *if* they can get it right!

Maybe a better way of getting better forecasts would be for all of us amateur astronomers to become forcasters :)

Lok forward to hearing what they have to say!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Goy a reply tonight from the Torro group!!... Attached.

Hi Rob,

Sorry for the delay - don't check Hotmail that often! TORRO doesn't offer

forecasts other than those for severe weather...there are plenty of orgs

that forecast already (such as the company I work for - PA WeatherCentre).

I'm afraid stuff like that usually has some kind of charge - my advice would

be to try to learn some basic met. and then do some forecasting from the

info available on the web (such as www.westwind.ch).

Sorry I can't be of much help!



Never mind, worth a go!!



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Well Astroman did say i was older than he was today in a differant post :)

...and of course, everything Astroman says is 100% accurate, right? :) lol  I'd actually stated it as a question, and having had it answered, I'll just wipe the egg from my face and carry on...  :oops:

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I post on a weather dedicated site (ukweatherworld.co.uk) who have a very varied and interesting range of topics - including space and weather. There are links to forecasts on the web, which can (and do) help with planning for a bit of skygazing. Of course, it's not directed at the nightsky watchers, but it's a useful start.

I have an interest in weather, too, but to quote my son - (shaking his head slowly) Sad man!

But, I'm not down the pub, fighting!! :shock:

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