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Remote shooting with a Canon 400D/EOS Utility


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I’ve searched past threads, but can’t find an answer to this query. I have been using my Canon 400D for long-exposure DSO images, using the ‘bulb’ setting with a simple manual remote control unit plugged into the camera.

I would like to automate the exercise, but it doesn’t seem possible with the EOS Utility software which comes with the camera. Although it allows you to take general photos remotely, you can’t use it remotely in ‘bulb’ mode, so I’d be stuck with a maximum exposure of 30 seconds. Does anyone know if there's any other software which will do the job?

Many thanks,


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I use AstroArt 4 to do exactly that
Yes, that looks really good but, at 129 Euros, it's a bit over my budget for a simple camera remote control.

Or does the free/trial version work ok?



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Here's an alternative method using a standalone remote timer

Aputure Timer Remote C1 for Canon 400D 450D RS-60E3 R8A on eBay (end time 19-Sep-09 17:48:36 BST)

Or including a battery grip with built in remote timer to extend your battery life to last a whole night.

LCD Battery Grip for Canon 350D 400D BG-E3 2 NB-2LH B2J on eBay (end time 04-Oct-09 04:07:58 BST)



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Thanks all for the input.

Now invested in a remote control gizmo off Ebay. Just hope that it actually makes it all the way here from China, and that my credit card doesn't explode.



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oh thought the 400 could do it. Must only be the 450 and 1000D.

I used a remote shutter lead via serial that plugs into the jack by the usb on the camera and a utility called dslrshutter from Sharklabs to control it when i had a 350D. Might help it is called DSLRShutter

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I use the EOS for remote shooting on my 1000D, start the EOS select- Manual on the camera and Bulb, select ISO in EOS, select the timer function in EOS, there are 2 settings one for total length of the "shot" and another for length of aperture "open" so for 5min sub with 1min cool down put 6 min in first and 5 min in second, also you can set number of subs.

As I say that is on the 1000D and it works fine.

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