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Martin Mere 28/10/23

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On 28/09/2023 at 18:42, wookie1965 said:

Didn't even know about it I'm only in St. Helens as well. 

I am very close to Martin Mere and go most weekends. I didn't know about it - it's not advertised on their website and I've seen no publicity within the centre. 

The site is in a good location for dark skies, but is surrounded by tall trees which impact the accessible sky.

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Still no publicity at Martin Mere, but I've noticed it overlaps with the late opening to see the (thousands) of geese coming in to roost at Martin Mere. Expect the car park to be busy as these are popular events, and it is free to enter the nature trail (not the whole centre) after 5pm. If you're not a member, admission to Martin Mere is £15 per visit.



Edit: Here's the event listed on Gostargazing with an estimate of the sky quality and the phase of the moon:  https://gostargazing.co.uk/events/stargazing-at-martin-mere-with-liverpool-astronomical-society/

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I emailed the LAS last week but haven't heard anything back, but by coincidence a Facebook advert appeared for events at Martin Mere last night. 


Scrolling through it it says that there are limited places available for £10 each and booking was required, good job that I saw it and didn't just turn up on the day. 😊

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It's a shame the weather didn't play ball on this tonight as the guys that did the talks put on a really good show, big thanks to them for what they did tonight. 

And as a real wind up, the moment we got out of the car when we got home there was the moon, clearly poking through a gap in the clouds. 😂

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