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  1. Thanks, Once I realised I could not get rid of the simulator profiles I then did as you suggested and labelled them up as 'Test' and then I could p[lay around with my equipment etc and delete at the end. Unfortunately I'm left with a couple of Simulator Profiles, I'll just have to live with them, a small price to pay for a great bit of software. Doug
  2. Hi, I set up my own profile and called it Simulator and this profile can't be removed even though I set it up. Doug
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Only reason I'm looking into it is due to the fact that I've had a coupe of near misses with my equipment and software going mental so I thought there may be a way to keep my eye on my equipment from the warmth of my house. I don't know how people can set everything up, leave it then go to bed, I wouldn't sleep. I've seen a few Bullet type weather proof CCTV cameras that I may look into as they cost less than £30.00 and I don't need anything fancy. Doug
  4. Hi, I'm setting up my imaging rig at the bottom of my garden and I'm thinking about setting up a CCTV type camera to give me an overview of my telescope/mount etc. I'm thinking of setting this up so I can see my telescope etc on my laptop instead of running out of the house every 10mins to check everything is working properly. I have a few spare USB 3.0 ports on my powered hub and I was thinking of using one of these. Has anyone done something similar to this and if so what type of camera did you use. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Doug
  5. Hi, Thanks for the replies, I've tried hitting the minus button and it doesn't work, for some reason simulator profiles appear to be locked. I'll live with them for now it would have been nice to tidy everything up. Doug
  6. Just set mine up using the Flirc case and so far it's great. A big learning curve for me but I've got time on my hands at the moment. I'm sure you'll enjoy using the Rpi. Doug
  7. I'm doing the same and waiting, in the meantime I'll run my SSD via the micro SD. Doug
  8. Hi, Whilst learning to use Astroberry on my laptop, I ended up setting up a number of Simulators Profiles in Ekos. Now that I've hopefully got all my equipment working I was wondering if there is a way to remove some of these profiles as I cannot remove or edit them as they appear to be locked. I'm just trying to tidy up the profile list in Ekos. Thanks Doug
  9. Hi, I'm new to all this so don't fully understand it so won't be able to do it yet but here is the link to the forum discussing it. https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=274595 Doug
  10. I see there is now a beta update for the Rpi4 so you can boot from the Usb3. 0 port without the SD card. Doug
  11. Hi Radek, Somehow and I don't exactly know how I've managed to get my phone NMEA GPS picked up by Kstars/Ekos, it identifies my location which is the main thing I want and the GPS panel is also showing Liverpool where I live which is fine with me. Now that I've got this working I will leave it as it is. I've got a couple of back-up SD cards with everything on them and I will use one of these over the next couple of days to try using my phone as a GPS data source and system-wide GPSD service as per your comments above, we will see what happens Doug
  12. Hi Radek, I've just done the above and rebooted my Rpi4. After stopping the virtual GPS I went back into KStars/Ekos and started my test file with NMEA drivers selected. Ekos loaded everything correctly and I got a GPS fix for my location however the GPS Information did not change it just kept flashing up 'waiting'. I kept my GPS on for about 20 minutes with a 60 second update and still the GPS information failed to change. So I'll either have to move to Warsaw or forget about it, I take it wont interfere with anything in Kstars / Ekos. Once I have the initial GPS fix for Ekos can I stop/disable the GPS app on my phone as it is very power intensive. Thanks Doug
  13. Thanks very much for your help. Astroberry is great and just what I want but it has been a massive learning curve. I had to start learning some basic coding and have started to work my way around the software and all the protocols etc. Once up and running the softwate appears to be very similar to software I've used in the past. Thaks again for all your hard work Doug
  14. LOL, I have a Border Terrier that will lick you to death.
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