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What does everyone do with thier tripods after converting to a pier.

 I have a tripod for a C8N, a tripod for an Ioptron Gem 5 , never used and today got a skywatcher Heq5 with tripod  replace the ioptron mount that has had a board failure.


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My Vixen HAL will be heading to the classifieds as soon as I get my act together. Its had an equatorial on it once and has never seen a starry sky. No longer needed by me now but am sure I can tempt someone around these parts when the time comes.

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I have a pier mounted set-up that I use most of the time, yet I still keep various tripods for field or garden use. I would never want to be without at least one seriously good tripod. My favourite is my old tall Vixen AL tripod which has a lovely wide spread and is amazingly solid when carrying a GP or AZ4 and a 4" refractor.  I also have an Orion field tripod, a tall wooden Vixen tripod, and a tall WWII steel tripod that is simply awesome to list just some. No matter how good the mount may be, if the tripod isn't up to the job it's useless, so I'm reluctant to let go of such potentially precious components.

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Though I have a dome observatory with a steel pier, I really miss having the open sky to look at whilst observing, so I have kept my tripod and use it still for the odd session in the garden. When I first got the Obsy I was determined to sell the tripod thinking it would have no use, but was talked out of it by a friend, fortunately.  

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A tripod and the open sky are in my opinion a great combination.
I think its part of the 'observing' experience.

Keep a tripod and portbale mount, even if just for the targets you cannot reach from your fixed location.

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