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  1. Cleetus

    Tele Vue Gibraltar mounts

    In that case I'm sure glad I don't have a twenty year old Gibraltar!!
  2. Cleetus

    Tele Vue Gibraltar mounts

    More detail.
  3. Cleetus

    Tele Vue Gibraltar mounts

    I don’t think there are many here on SGL, if any, who own the latest TV HD5. The HD5 is a very different animal to its predecessor – beefier, bigger and now sits on a Berlebach tripod. I would agree that the lack of slow motion controls is regrettable and I cannot think why TV decided not to supply this mount with a handle like the Panoramic. However, I mainly use the telescope for wide field viewing so the lack of slow motion controls is not an issue for me. It’s a very steady mount but I only use the tripod in the low position as I prefer to remain seated and my telescope is very light. I think it is a very well made simple mounting which has that “classic” look. I am able to lift the telescope and mount complete which saves a bit of faffing about as there is no setting up or taking down. Not cheap but nothing Televue is!
  4. "Hideous" is a word I use to describe something I consider ugly. To me these are ugly. If you think these look great than that's fine with me but I disagree. Like I said, eye of the beholder.
  5. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all that I have to say to me it looks hideous! Don't know why WO persist with these daft colour schemes.
  6. I once bought a 6" reflector from them. They had what they called "unit purchase plan" or something like that where you selected various components to suit your budget. Anyway, I was unsure whether to choose the grade A or B mirror. So I was chatting to the chap about this and he told me to go for the B mirror. I asked him why and he said "well, because of the seeing, there may only be two or maybe three nights a year when the A will be better and you might be at the pictures or the bingo on that night". Priceless. Bought the B in the end and never regretted it.
  7. Ok, glad you got it sorted. I had a similar problem last year and didn't want to drill holes so a quick trip to B&Q for some machine screws and bolts solved the problem.
  8. Just a few points: it is not considered advisable to use the power supply fot telescope AND dew prevention. Might get away with for visual but astro photography might be more problematic. You are correct, the cigarette socket will result in voltage drop. Be careful about buying a unit with a fan as they are a lot noiser in the dead of night than on your kitchen table.
  9. Cleetus

    What scope to get?

    Indeed there is, and that is why I would forget about astro photography until you have more experience, or knowledge, about the pros and cons of the telescopes already mentioned. Astro photography is a whole new ball game and it brings with it more equipment and more expense. So my advice would be to cocentrate on familiarising yourself with using a telescope and all that it entails and learning about how the sky works. Probably get a few books.
  10. Does the dovetail have slits?
  11. No, don't think so. I believe it was a "Charles Frank" (Glasgow) that he had. Anyway, not a lot of difference between the MK 2 and MK 3 Fullerscope mounts. Looks like the MK 3 with the black finish and round RA and Dec clutch knobs. But the three pedestal feet look MK 2. I don't think it's worth a lot but, for someone looking to take on a project for one of those long 3 or 4 inch refractors, you never know.
  12. Cleetus


    If I remember correctly MikeDnight has expressed a slight regret that he chose the DC version over the DF. Might be worth contacting him.
  13. How much are you prepared to pay for the clamshell in perfect condition?

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