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  1. Equipment reviews

    Yep, agree with you there. What makes me laugh though is the section on SGL about supplier eviews. You get so many " I ordered my (insert appropriate item) 10 am Monday and it was delivered the next day". Okay so the retailer boxed it up, put your name and address on the label, and then the courier collected it. How difficult was that? Why is that brownie points for a dealer? No, the measure of a good dealer, apart from unbiased help and advice, is how he behaves when things go wrong with equipment. Maybe that section should be renamed "Box Shifters and Courier Reviews?!!
  2. Equipment reviews

    The question is, if someone wrote a stinking review of an item then would the website/retailer allow it knowing that it could impact sales. Let's assume there is a small refractor on a website and five customer reviews were not favourable. Don't think that would go down well. Furthermore, if that did happen then you have to ask why the dealer is selling a piece of junk. I always take reviews on websites with a pinch of salt so to me they are somewhat meaningless. Amazon is different. I think they are too big to care and very often an item does attract bad reviews.
  3. Fork mounts for refractors

    Thicker steel, a bigger fork, and TV have changed the tripod. It is now mounted on a much stronger Berlbach and we all know how good they are. So a completely different kettle of fish as you English like to say. I think all TV stuff is over priced but nice things cost money. Speaking of which, fifteen more posts and I will be able to advertise my Ethos!!
  4. Fork mounts for refractors

    I assume you are referring to the (now discontinued) Gibraltar and not the new HD4 or HD5? I have no experience with the old model but I do have the HD5 and, silly price it may be, I've never had any problems with regard to steadiness.
  5. Fork mounts for refractors

    I think you are right - you can have good or cheap but not both. Unfortunately, nice things cost money! I seem to remember TS selling a fork mount very similar to the Gibraltar for a lot less money. Edit: Still sell it for 280 Euros. Good for large bins or telescope.
  6. Wooden Eyepiece case or box?

    Moonraker telescopes will make you a nice wooden box for telescope or eyepieces.
  7. Stargazing Live 2018

    There's far too many of these astro programmes and events concerning astronomy on the BBC! What we want is more programming about chefs going overseas and informing us about the local cuisine, sowing and singing competitions, and how to lose 20 stone in 3 weeks.
  8. Heads up for those with PBS

    I think the days of great British television documentaries are long gone. Yes, we still get the odd one now and then but it's difficult to catch. "World in Action", "This Week ", "Panorama" and "Man Alive" were fantastic weekly documentaries on British tv back in the 70's. Television in the UK is embarrassing these days. A mate of mine told me he recently yanked out his aerial in desperation and now only watches Netflix and Amazon tv. The once great BBC has now become a little biased in their political reporting too. The recent PBS documentary about the war in Vietnam was aired by the BBC in September but they transmitted a cut down version of every episode so that it would fit in with their schedules. Sad really. Thank God for PBS. So much great tv here.
  9. Security Light Rant!

    Indeed they are. A great book which covers the loss of the night sky - "The End of Night" - touches on this subject in some detail. One little gem I gleaned from this book is that there are still Victorian gas lamps around central London which are lit every night! I've been living in London for 50 years and I never knew that. Anyway, it's a great book and ought to be compulsory reading for local councils throughout the land.
  10. Moonraker Telescopes will make any size rings for you. Any colour you like. The Parallax rings were hard to get when I was searching. I think they had stopped making them.
  11. Was the Baader extension used with the Tak DF? Was thinking of an extension tube for use with some of my eyepieces that will nott focus with my DF. Edit: just had another look at it - used in combination with the other Baader you have for sale. Is that right?
  12. In that case you should contact the retailer or the manufacturer, or both! Telescope covers tend to be a little expensive so you could try a barbeque cover instead.
  13. I looked into this some time ago and decided that, although they were very nice, I couldn't justify the very high cost. What you forgot to mention is there is a minimum order price too. In other words, you need to spend approx an extra £50 before your order is accepted. No thanks! I ended up with the PrimaLuce instead. Very happy with them too. Guess what? You can't see the colour in the dark!
  14. Which Tak

    Better put me down for a DF. Got the PrimaLuce rings too so pretty rare around these parts. What's going to be the first object for the new scope?
  15. Which Tak

    Nice mount. I am sure you will have a lot of fun with that combination. A lot of people don't bother with the finder with the Tak - you will get a nice wide view with that scope. Which reminds me; did you ever get the 13mm Ethos?