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  1. Looks like a great buy and hope it finds a new home quickly. I would imagine you bought an Autostar 2 for that price - different controller. I also bought one recently but saved some money by buying from US for $99.
  2. And happy new year to you. I cannot answer any of your questions because I know nothing of imaging- perhaps you should post it in the Imaging section. Are you affected by the light pollution in Dubai city?
  3. I bought a Tak because it was cheap so when you say "high price" it really depends on what you are comparing it to doesn't it? When looking around a few years back for a 4 inch refractor I nearly opted for an NP 101. I decided against it because the Tak was a far cheaper viable alternative. Saved a sackful of cash!
  4. Never experienced those problems Mike. All the years I've owned telescopes I can honestly say I have never had a pollen problem. I guess it may be dependent on where you live. Dew? Again, maybe I am lucky but, apart from a light misting once or twice, never had a dew covered lens.
  5. Assuming no accidents then it will be many years before you need to clean the lens. Dust can be removed by using a very soft make up brush.
  6. Cleetus

    Testing the water...

    Don't know about the scope but I was prepared to sell my Meade eyepiece set for about £50! Are they really worth that much? Meade Series 4000?
  7. Cleetus

    Is GPS worth it on a scope?

    Why not use PARK when finished observing?
  8. I have one of these Pulsar domes and agree they are a bit of a pain with regards to condensation but that’s fibreglass for you. I don’t use any dehumidifiers but have the telescope covered with a telegizmos 365 cover instead. This works okay for me. There have been times when I have been doing stuff in the observatory during the day (in winter) and discovered the uncovered telescope tube has fogged up. A high wattage light bulb under the tube soon clears this up.
  9. Thought you sold that Televue?
  10. Cleetus

    TeleVue Ethos

    A couple of members have expressed interest but not sold yet. There is a member who is considering a purchase and, as he was first to express interest, it is only fair to wait his decision. If you are interested in buying this eyepiece you are currently third in the queue. I can send you some pics if you are seriously considering purchase. Excellent condition and comes with all original packaging/instructions and, if you want it, invoice from Telescope House.
  11. Cleetus

    TeleVue Ethos

    £300. Used about 4 times.
  12. Cleetus

    TeleVue Ethos

    Can you be tempted by a 13mm instead?
  13. Cleetus

    Eq5 Steel tripods versus Berlebach wood tripods.

    I have three Berlebach's - supporting a 12" SCT, a 4" refractor and an ETX 125. For me a tripod has to be wood. Wood is a very pleasant thing.
  14. The End of Night by Paul Bogard is a terrific book that ought to be read by everyone, not just us skywatchers. Available from Audible and so good I decided to buy the book.
  15. Yep, got one here. Send me a pm with your address and I'll send it to you. No charge.

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