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  1. Thanks. I was looking at these only yesterday. Seems the best option.
  2. Anyone know where I can obtain a right angled cigar type lead for a Meade LX200GPS ? Can see plenty "straight" connectors but the right angled type seem to be pretty rare. And, is the fastblow fuse a 2A of 3A for these scopes.
  3. Hope your new telescope gives you many years of starlight - it certainly looks the business! Can I just ask if you have had a chance to compare the 6x30 and 7x50 Tak finders? And, as you already had one of the best finders available, why did you decide to buy another one? Wouldn't it have been possible to use the 6x30 on your new telescope?
  4. I understand. Hadn't realised there would be such a difference. Thanks for posting.
  5. I think either I didn't explain properly or you misunderstood. 2" diagonals with SCT threads (SCT diagonals) are quite common. So, as you know, the WO Zenithstar I have already has one of these diagonals. It is also WO - so the telescope was also designed for visual use (the graphic you posted shows this) and many used this combo for a "super" finder. What I was asking was if there was an adapter available which screws on the end of the telescope and would allow use of 'normal' diagonals. I have a Tak with a Baader adapter (M72) screwed on the end which enables me to use diagonals and I was thinking about something similar. Why do you think reaching focus would be an issue?
  6. Thanks. I have an old 2" diagonal attached at the moment but I have a much better 2" diagonal without the threads and was hoping to make use of it. From what you say I take it that won't work? Seems odd.
  7. I have a WO Zenithsrar 66 with a threaded visual back for a 2 inch diagonal. Does anyone know if, instead of using this particular diagonal, there is a suitable adapter which screws on to this thread and will allow the use of "refractor type" diagonals instead? A Baader clicklock would be useful if one exists.
  8. I know virtually nothing about AP but I do know this; if you start spending money on equipment now you will make mistakes, it will cost you, and you will regret it. Instead, spend your money on an introductory book on the subject.
  9. I'll get them down from the loft in a day or two and maybe photo them. Then you can make an offer on whichever one you like. Sound okay?
  10. I think I have a couple of WO two inchers hanging about. I know one of them has rusty screws and the other hasn't. If you want it for just casual viewing then maybe you are not so fussy? What you think?
  11. I have an ETX 125 tripod somewhere about I think but you would have to collect it I'm afraid as I'm not interested in wrapping it up and sending it. The good news is that I am in Enfield so won't be far for you.
  12. Does the ETX 125 tripod fit the ETX 90? Where do you live?
  13. Worth trying here. https://sctelescopes.com/sc-telescopes-broadhurst-clarkson-and-fuller-fullerscopes/
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