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  1. Cleetus

    COMPLETED - 13mm Ethos 31 mm Nagler Wanted

    For some reason he's gone all quiet. Like you I also have an Ethos I don't need. I cannot sell it on this site because I don't have enough posts under my belt. I'm in no hurry but will post it on Astro buy and Sell when I get my act together.
  2. Cleetus

    COMPLETED - 13mm Ethos 31 mm Nagler Wanted

    I see you have now edited your post and my response doesn't make sense. So, I'll ask again, how much are you prepared to pay for the Ethos?
  3. Cleetus

    Heavy Duty AltAz mount

    Agree 100% . Altaz means far less faffing about. Got one myself and plonking it down, without having to worry about pointing north or whether Polaris is visible, is so simple. Good luck with the project.
  4. Cleetus

    Heavy Duty AltAz mount

    That looks fantastic. Might look ultra-fantastic on a wooden tripid. A few questions: any plans for slo mo controls or don't you think they are necessary? I see a lot of al-taz mounts these days don't have them. At 20 kgs it is obviously not a grab n go so I presume it will be a permanent set up. That being the case why go for al-taz instead of equatorial? What's on the telly in the corner? Can't quite make it out?
  5. Pretty innocent comment really but if you insist on throwing a tantrum then be my guest. My last comment in this thread. Have a nice day!
  6. You might need a new calculator. 3.6 degrees is not half of 4.9. I see others have already corrected you. Should have checked before responding.
  7. I think it was because he got the Tak for roughly half the price of the Televue. Always a big incentive.
  8. Funnily enough the guy who kicked off the Cloudynights thread and said he should hurry and buy an NP 101, never did. He bought an FC100 DF instead!!
  9. Are you not happy with the Tak focusser?
  10. I had a quick peep through the 6x30 when I was unboxing the FC100 and was astonished by the clarity and brightness of the image. Has a wider field of view than its big brother too. The quick release is a great accessory and would agree it makes storing the telescope in the bag a lot easier.
  11. Telescopes should have white tubes. I cannot remember precisely but I think it was WO who started off all this nonsense! Didn't they release an orange tube at one time? Looked hideous.
  12. Cleetus

    Observatory paint

    For anyone considering painting the outside of their observatory (fibreglass dome) I can recommend MSP (multi surface paint) available from Promain. I have used this and it is very easy to apply, looks great, and is long lasting. Available in a variety of colours.
  13. Cleetus

    Tele Vue Gibraltar mounts

    In that case I'm sure glad I don't have a twenty year old Gibraltar!!

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