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  1. I think after the full on nightmare Ive been having with this, my lack of patience and frustration growing, plus never having the right tools available, I will probably be best to send off for repair. Does anyone have any experience of where best to send it to. Thanks Ian
  2. When you mean engaging pleae confirm what you mean, As I believe and the video should show that both gears are turning. (The original problem was they wearnt engaging) Thanks IAn
  3. Title says it all, have tightened the clutch after readjusting the gears to mesh, but now have no RA Rotation, DEc works fine. What are my options or should I send the mount for repair? Thanks Ian 20210123_102720[1].mp4
  4. Hi All, My Nightmare continues, have now fixed the Goto motors gears not engaging issue only to discover the RA Clutch lock seems to have stopped working, The Scope "falls" into its balanced position regardless of if the Clutch lock is on or not. When testin the motors the gears engage but no movement for RA Im hoping this is a simple fix, can any one advise / point towards videos etc. Thanks in advance Ian
  5. OK Could be a how long is a piece of string question but being a Scot every penny is a prisoner and Im looking for some advice on the cheapest way to get into HA Solar Observing and advice on what I should be looking for. Starting points for discussion. Budget - As little as possible Astrophotography - Yes Portability - Yes Easy to set up Quick to set up Pros and cons of entry level HA Scopes Daystar solar scout SS60 Lunts (Cant see any under £1K anymore) PST (Rust problems? ) (Are the 3 brands / items above the same as comparing apples or are they all different) Any websites, etc that I could be pointed towards for help in gaining further knowledge. Anything else that should be in the mix Thanks Ian
  6. Ended up removing the the RA Motor Tightening screw screw at the back and removed the motor (Still attached to the case and then tightened the the worm gear screw and in the process lost the RA motor Tightening screw (It actually fell into the pier. So now off to find a replacement. I have noticed though the RA Clutch lever doesnt seem to lock the RA rotation, If that's a problem its for a day after I get the replacement bolt.
  7. Photos of the screw hole underneath the motor box, Any idea what this hole is for. Thanks Ian
  8. Cant get the screw out with WD40 or rubber bands, As the it looks like the RA unit is loose, Can this be tightened with out the cover coming off I notice there are holes on the underside of the cover. Thanks
  9. Thanks all, will find the WD 40 later this week, So I can have a go at getting the cover off this weekend
  10. HI All, My top RA gear isnt engaging the bottom one In the past its been an hex key to tighten the top gear What It noticed this time around is that the whole motor seems to be loose, Pulling up and down on the shaft opposite the gear applies movement to the gear. (Should there be a screw on this side to stop that play. I would attempt to remove the cover but the screw holding that in has rusted and seems to have been threaded. Any ideas on how to fix, this issue Photos below Ian 20201122_104306[1].mp4
  11. A cautionary tale here. Im a 50 year old who was born in Australia, In my teen years I naked eye observed and moved onto to some 10x80 Binoculars, Life moved on and 25 years ago Moved to Scotland, Had to relearn the sky and to be honest Im still struggling (Though Phone Apps are good I never seem to get them aligned right) So 20 years ago I purchased a Celeston 8" Newtonian, I lived down a hole and litterly only had Sky straight up, Needless to say the scope got put away, Also had never heard of polar alignment and needless to say read that bit in the instruction manual and put it away into the too hard basket. 10 years ago move into the Countryside with a little bit of land and Nice skies so mount gets upgraded to a moterised Ioptron SmartSky Pr and as its rural Aberdeenshire I buy a test version of the Pulsar Observatories Dome on a shed Observatory and a pier, (Under the Thread Skippyiinspace Observatory in Stargazers lounge is that story. First night comes and Scope rotates and faces the floor, Try the manual, Same things happen, Contact local Astro Club (40 miles away) and a member comes out and in a minute fixs the issue that the motor had be aligned the other way, he is helpfull and Polar Aligns and balances the scope etc and I get a year or so of good observing then it goes out of alignment, The motor gears have a tendency o slacken off. Can align the scope for the life of me get close but never close enough so any sessions are manual. Fast Forward to yesterday, Ioptron Ipolar arrives and out I go, After 4 hours I get close but not close enough, Thought I should Revise on RA and Dec as I just could get the fine adjustments needed and what d I find is that I spent the night adjusting the scope using the RA Clutch and not the Ra bolts . I had also got Position 1 and 2 the wrong way around So looking forward to tonight when I can have another go, BTW have you seen the forecast for the next week Ian
  12. Postman brought me an Ioptron Ipolar, I now might get this scope finally polar aligned
  13. Hi, Im looking for advice an a very cheap budget £100 DSLR that suitable for Astrophotography (non modified ), Had been looking to see if there were any previous lists etc from about 10 years ago, had been thinking of the Eos 1000D as there are a few kicking about at the moment and the reviews I had found were quite positive but are there other options? Thanks Ian
  14. Great idea but I dont have a DSLR, have a Phillips SPC8000 web cam so will have to try that for now. Thanks for the help Ian
  15. Hi, Last week my 7 year old daughter took interest in my telescope so aftee a lot of work (,couldnt get it to polar align) , I managed to get mars in the view finder only to find even with tube rotation, standing on stools, ladders etc she could get to the view finder. I was wondering if there was a cheap simple way that she could see. Ie a webcam and a laptop, Its been a little while since ive used the scope and noticed that you can now get better aids for polar alignment and think now would be a great time to introduce her to astronomy since she seems interested thanks ian
  16. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, Im probably going to have a go at the meteor camera that I have had some info sent through on. IF I do go down this route Ill post as I go along
  17. The indestructible link was one that Ive seen before that had got me thinking about doing this, Ive asked the same question to a meteor tracking group who have given me a parts list for a diy meteor camera with links to converting it to an allsky camera. Which I think if I mashed it up with the indestructible instructions might work. Probably looking for the widest field of view Had a pi supplier suggesting the noir camera with a pi zero w and a mobile phone fisheye lense thanks Ian
  18. I was looking to add a camera to my weather station and google took me to lots of places but some of them from a time before pi! I suddenly came accross allsky and meteor cameras and went thats better I need to make one of those. But my budget is ridiculously small and I have none of the equipment available, Less than £100 and preferably closer to £50 but can be updated as funds become available What I believe I need is the following A pi with wifi - is a zero w ok or do I need a 3 Software - Git hub I expect Camera - pinoir, something lowlight that plugs into a usb port. the ZWO cameras are out of my price range for now Anything else? Does anyone one have any recent experience of this type of set up or similar for the price range as a lot of stuff im finding is over 4 years old and with some of the metor camera stuff Im finding requires a real pc. Or am I being unrealistic Thanks Ian
  19. Thanks for that, I do have access to a Nikon D3100 but its my wifes work camera so Im not going to be able to mod it which is why I asked about the finepix and cash is just none existent for any new purchases
  20. Fine Pix F30, 6.3 megapixel , iso 100 to 1600 Does video as well!
  21. I have an ancient Fuji Finepix digital camera and have in the past taken some good shots of the moon through the eyepiece of my 8" Newtonian. My question is if I was to buy a mount for it would I be able to take Deep sky shots? Thanks Ian
  22. Did I mention that was 1 minute of imaging after an hour and a half of trying to get it in the web cam, dont know what the problem is there as in each all attempts tonight jupiterwas dead center in a 4mm eye piece and it looked amazing! Was just about to hit capture for a 3rd attempt to have jupiter dissapear,stuck my head out of the dome to discover the clouds had rolled in!!!!
  23. jupiter 1.bmp 12 months later and this is attempt number 2!
  24. Im having a similar problem with sharpcap2 and a phillips sp900, But I try and focus the telescope with the web camera in it still doesnt find Jupiter. Ive doubled checked and put a lens back in to make sure jupiter hasnt moved out of the field of view but its still there! Trying to work out if its something to do with a new laptop. Or is there a basic setting that Ive missed
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