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SGL 2023 Challenge 1 - Walking on the Moon

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Happy New Year!  Sorry this challenge is a little late arriving but I have been otherwise engaged!

Even experienced Lunar observers can still get goosebumps when they view the moon at high magnification.  It looks tantalisingly close, as if you could step onto the surface.  This challenge is to create this sensation in an image.  So we are looking for close up images of the lunar surface.  There are lots of distinctive features worth targeting and then there are curious  features created when the suns light hits the surface from a certain angle, the Lunar X being a classic.

If you have any queries about the challenge please contact me via PM rather than from within this thread.

Please provide information regarding how  you went about capturing your image including equipment used.

Start date 3rd January 2023

End date 31st March 2023

No entries will be accepted after this date.

As previously the winner and runners up will receive an SGL challenge mug showing their image along with a virtual medal-of-honour for their SGL signature.

Please post entries directly into this thread

To keep the thread manageable for the judges please do not post comments about entries, emoji reactions are welcome of course.



All data must be captured and processed by you (no collaborative entries). 
Data must be captured during the challenge start & end dates. 
Multiple entries are allowed but please make a fresh post within the thread.
Multiple submissions of the same image, processed differently, will not be accepted.


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First night out in what seems like ages and the conditions were pretty stable in Bedfordshire.

So, with the "walking on the Moon" theme i imaged Copernicus on Monday 2nd, at a Focal length i would not normally consider with the Asi290mm.

According to Astronomy tools calculator at F30 this is a resolution of 0.08"x0.08" per pixel

Captured with C9.25, Asi290mm, X3 Barlow, 642 filter, this is 20% stack of 3700 frames @ max size. 

It is a bit softer looking than at the sensible resolution, i captured a little before, but fairly pleased with how it came out.

Worth clicking on to get max size and detail


Edited by Pete Presland
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Here is my first submission here. I have only ever shot the moon a handful of times before and I don't have the ideal equipment. This was using ES127 on video mode I think it was 360p and two minutes using the best 20% of frames. Camera was 1600mm with a Ha filter (not ideal) Processed in AutoStakkert. Imaged captured last night I think the moon was about 73%. Not sure on my lunar mapping, but I believe this is the Sea of Nectar with the Sea of Tranquillity of to the bottom left. Thanks 


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This is my first submission for that challenge, i took that picture(we can see tycho,clavius and rutherford) on the january 30th 2023 with a celestron skymax 127 and zwo asi 183 color on eq5 goto.

For processing, it comes from a file of 250 frames processed via autostakkert3, cropping with gimp and astrosurface for details and brightness.

tycho clavius rutherford.jpg

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playing tycho
A not very happy attempt to work at f/22 with 7910mm. With the poor seeing that night the result was not very good. 5000 total frames stacked only 150.

Date: 2023-01-30; 23:38 TU

C14 Edge + ASI 290MM + IR pass 585

Seeing: 2/5       Altitude: 38º

Parsec Observatory, Brazil (-29.97S, -51.17W)

by Avani Soares


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The dionysius crater is relatively small, but the dark rays surrounding it i find fascinating. I have imaged once before a few years back, this image is from the almost full waning Moon from the 21st Feb. 

Imaged under Full Moon conditions, really shows the dark rays very nicely. 

Captured with my C9.25, Asi174mm and X3 Barlow.  10,000 frames stacking 20%


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While i was missing the aurora display, in the north behind my house, i was catching a few Lunar targets in some reasonable conditions. 

All captured on the 26th Feb.

I don't think i have ever imaged the crater Boussingault before, it looked really cool with the layers around the rim through the scope. Favourable libration helped i think tilt it in to a decent position.

C9.25, ASI174MM, 642 Filter, X3 Barlow. Best 10% of a 90 second capture.


Edited by Pete Presland
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