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Windows 11.


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I am considering updating my Asus Laptop to Widows11.                 

The only computer I have that conforms to Microsoft's requirements,
 is  my observatory machine, having all the necessary  Astro. equipment drivers installed.

Upgrading to 11 is not mandatory I know, so I'm driven only by curiosity as to trying the upgrade at all.
It is reversible if required I know, but If anyone has experienced any problems with their installation of their
Astro.  drivers on Win.11, please add their particular issues if any, in this thread.

I have not been in my Obsy. for quite a while now, due to being badly restricted with severe knee  problem.
The pandemic  produced a major setback to Orthopedic operations, but  I have now had the Pre.Op. checks,
and deemed fit for surgery and now await the call to hospital. It has been a long wait, but just as bad for 
many others in the same boat as me. I just hope the wait isn't another long one. Life ain't been a joy for a long time now,
and I need to get back to what I enjoy very much. 

Many thanks in advance.


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Hey Ron, I was wondering if you were ok. Hopefully they'll get you fixed soon 👍

I don't have any astro software on W11, but it works just great with the stuff I do have. Even my decade old PaintShop Pro 7 works flawlessly.

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1 hour ago, Mr Spock said:

Hey Ron, I was wondering if you were ok. Hopefully they'll get you fixed soon 👍

I don't have any astro software on W11, but it works just great with the stuff I do have. Even my decade old PaintShop Pro 7 works flawlessly.

Glad you find It OK, although Microsoft did say some components of10 would no longer 
work, I don't think those would be really important. I want to stay up to date with upgrades,
and although I have a Desktop, and  another Laptop, neither have The TPM security required for the 

Thanks for your reply matey, My visits to SGL  have been few and far between, I will certainly 
get back to normality as soon as the gloom and doom lift.
It's surprising how limited movement can affect enthusiasm. 
Soon be Christmas, that should help 🙂.
Best Wishes.


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11 hours ago, bomberbaz said:

I am using W11 Ron, only run DSS, Gimp and Stellarium so far as well as all my other non astro related stuff and not had any issues.

If anything I find things run better and faster.

 Thanks for that Steve, I think I will do the Upgrade today and put 
the setup to the test. It hasn't been active for two months but I don't anticipate
any problems 👍.


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Hi Ron,

That's a great question and the very same one I am pondering only tonight.
Thanks to those who have commented so far.

On the knee/s front, I sypathise as my knees are crocked and have been told need replacing,
but it has a sting in the tail, the specialist suggests I suck it up for a few more years to get best use of the new ones.

I wish you well and a swift access to the needed care and a swift and full recovery.



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I'm running my observatory on an old dual core Pentium, 8GB of old DDR3 RAM, a 500GB mechanical drive and windows 10 (but ran windows 7 for years). Given its age it is way off the requirements for win11 - But it does the job I need it to do.

Data is stored to a NAS drive and I process on my main machine - a 1st gen Ryzen 5 based machine, 16GB DDR4, fast NVMe SSD, and windows 10.  Being 1st gen Ryzen it to doesn't pass the upgrade requirements, at lease not without messing about with the installer which is well documented on the net.  Being my daily driver I read emails, post on forums, edit the odd 4K video but mostly browse the net, hardly anything requiring the "advantages" of upgrading to win11. 

My point is that just because the latest firmware, operating system, or drivers are released, it doesn't mean that there is a need to update the installation if your existing installation or hardware is otherwise running OK.  At least it's not Apple Owners mentality... Apple add a 5th camera to the iphone, everyone replaces their recently purchased iphone 12, 13 or whatever with the latest one just so they can say they have the latest model, even though the previous model did everything then needed up to that point.......and they will probably never use that new 5th camera :)  (my eldest daughter being a prime example !)

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  • 2 months later...

Whilst making changes to my mount/cabling, I took an opportunity to look at what I had on my mount PC (beelink mini running windows).

I decided to take the plunge, this morning, and upgrade the OS to Windows 11, from W10 Pro.

So far the following appear to work, though a couple are reluctant to close down.

Lunt Solar Controller
Lakeside Focuser
Pegasus Ultimate Box

cDc starts to open, then freezes trying to start skychart.exe.

That's as far as I've got so far - the upgrade took a few cycles of download/install before it finally completed. It looks different to 10 - cleaner perhaps, though this particular PC has a limited astro use.
Not used in the wild, as yet, it'll be a while before I get myself sorted ( one part still to arrive )

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