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Concerning Dark Matter

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So, if I understand correctly, dark matter does not interact with electromagnetic fields. Is there any evidence that dark matter interacts with fields and forces our type of matter doesn't? We think of four fundamental forces, but that's only because we interact with those forces. Presumably dark matter beings would have theories based on the THREE fundamental forces, unless there are additional forces they interact with that we don't...

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1 hour ago, Ags said:

 Is there any evidence that dark matter interacts with fields and forces our type of matter doesn't? 

If their are fields and forces that our type of matter doesn't react with how would we know they exist, we would have no evidence of them  ?



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We could detect them indirectly because we can detect the dark matter gravitationally. So Force X pulls the dark matter, and the dark matter pulls us.

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On 28/06/2021 at 19:23, Astro Noodles said:

I have been thinking about dark matter lately (it's been very cloudy here and my job is boring). 

When I first heard that it was a thing, and was necessary for current theories to work, I thought 'Why does there need to be dark matter, can it not just be ordinary matter that we can't see, and black holes and stuff?'. Then I learned that It didn't interact with anything, and there had to be more of it than actual matter so I thought 'OK'. I have been watching some things on Youtube and now I see that black holes are being mooted again.

Can anyone explain the current thinking on this?


I have my own theory on dark matter, every ying has a yang, a positive & a negative. I think the reason dark matter is so elusive is because we have yet to discover the medium in which to view it, the known light spectrum i think has a mirror beyond what we can already see in either viable or invisible light. 

I think once we discover these new spectrums everything that is hidden will be illuminated. 

It must stand to reason if dark matter exists then so does dark energy, who is to say that when or if we reach a point when it becomes visable that this dark matter has not coalesced in to dark suns, words, solar system or even galaxies. May be the gaseous arms of our own milky way as we see it is not the full picture & when it is finally revealed in all its glory a few hundred billion sun's will become so much more. 

Crazy notion i know but i can dream. 

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On 17/08/2021 at 17:52, Viktiste said:

IMVHO (In My Very Humble Opinion) Dark matter is a flawed theory. I cannot understand why most of the scientific community embrace it. The terrain does not follow the map, therefore the terrain is wrong - I just don't get it. But then I don't have the mathematical skills to follow the argument's. Good luck finding any real observation of dark matter - I postulate you won't. And I don't think I will stand corrected on that in my lifetime.  I hope I will humbly have to admit I am wrong though.

Going back to an older post - Actually, we don't have access to the terrain, we only have what we can see, and from what we can see we draw a map.

But we have the equivalent of aeroplanes that are crashing and burning because they've hit mountains we just can't see. So we know there must be something that we can't see. 

We can't we see it, so we call it dark. So then we try and work out what it is.

However, if it was 'normal' matter it would have to behave as normal matter does - but it doesn't.  So you either ignore the observations, or you come up with some other explanation for the observations. 

And that is the theory of Dark Matter

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On 17/08/2021 at 20:59, saac said:

And no you cannot say anything you want in maths , that is the point , that is why it is so powerful and why it is remarkably successful in describing the universe . 


I think that's one reason why it's so good at describing the universe. However, it strikes me that maths's ability describe the universe is really a very deep mystery, one which should never be underestimated. Is it powerful because the universe is 'mathematical' or is it powerful because we can understand mathematical descriptions? (Or some of us can and some of those people are kind enough to translate those explanations for me.🤣

And would we even be able to interact with a non-mathematical universe? Can a non-mathematical entity interact with a mathematical environment? Perhaps it can't, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


PS I'm perfectly sober. Just not very bright.

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One gets vertiginous when one begins to comprehend the marvel of it all, and the realisation that it is our conscious sensory interpretation of the underlying 'whatever' . 

A complete mindf***, to quote Schrodinger 

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On 29/11/2021 at 10:40, Ags said:

I think if something behaves consistently, you can describe it with maths. If it doesn't behave consistently, you can't describe it.

Oh you can though. Probability theory, fuzzy set theory, chaos theory, maths can handle it

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