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  1. i Have never liked the concept of infinity i find it sloppy, Yes it may work for you but it's too easy. i would rather be honest and say sorry my tiny mind can't compute a number that big so i just don't know and can't answer that question.
  2. The clouds are visable at 13.5b years with our best known tech, who is to say that it is definative in a 100 years we could be looking back 15b years or more and what if you was at a point today 10b years from here? The visable universe is the known universe and that is all we know so far. the BB is just a theory along with expansion, relativity, string & many many others in truth we know very little and what we do know is always changing but that's physics. we have way more questions than answers and even einstein would be the first to tell you the theory of relativity in incomplete.
  3. randomness, probability & chance, It's how we came to be and it's how we will end.
  4. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22329782.700-strange-dark-stuff-is-making-the-universe-too-bright.htmlThis could be a new direction, Worth keeping an eye on.
  5. A fish seen beyond 11,000M.. and in the 60's as well, Now my instincts tell me that is a load of rubbish considering the deepest known and explored depths of any ocean is 10'916M. With the margin of error it could be 10'984M, ocean mapping 2010. but with that said it is very plausible for fish species to live at these depths. As for the moon moving away from us With the earths rotational spin slowing then would it be right to say that the gravitational influence of the earth is weakening and is more likely the reason the moon is moving away from us than the expansion theory? Instinct is the ve
  6. moon is sam rockwells best movie & a great sci-fi classic, or will be in years to come.
  7. i'd like someone to invent an off switch for the girlfriend.
  8. scrap that i don't think it does feature in the documentry i posted still a good watch though.
  9. give this a watch it is featured and all your questions will be answered, also some pretty amazing scopes from around the world featured including one that is mounted inside a boeing 777. http://www.thegreatplanet.com/seeing-stars-bbc-horizon/
  10. i did think of that, it would be for the back garden only and an observatory will be the best way to go but for now the kit is going to cost quite a bit so an obsy will have to come later, i guess i will hav to suffer putting it up & taking it down for a while.
  11. for a little more info on the above you can find the same tube at Altair astro, they are made by GSO
  12. i am pondering the same questions, apature v the ability to move into astrophotography later on without spending money on another scope with an EQ mount. i was resolved to the orion sky quest 12i or 14i for observation only then i started looking at SCT & the likes for imaging but i want the best of both worlds observation with large apature and as good as i can afford for imaging. as a result im looking at this http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Revelation-12--f-4-M-LRN-Optical-Tube-Assembly-OTA-2.html to which i will add an EQ mount, by time you purchase everything else you need i'd
  13. i forgot to say there are some pretty good films on the great documentry planet website have a browse there is something for everyone on that site.
  14. this documentry was made a few years ago about mars direct, a mission that had real potential and was very possible with our current technology and at a fraction of the cost to the nasa budget but nasa or should i say teams within nasa killed it because they where not needed. for those interested you should watch it, it shows how our governments and institutions like nasa have turned their back on space exploration for the long term. http://www.thegreatplanet.com/the-mars-underground-documentary-film/
  15. i was in algeria a good few years back on the atlas mountain range a 1,000Km from anywhere, the views where out of this world... excuse the pun i will never forget what i see and have always wanted to go back.
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