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  1. I have re-installed window on that computer. No issues now.
  2. As another newbie agree completely. And yes it is pricey, but at least it is a one off cost, and not subscription based like the trend seems to be these days. Well worth the money imho.
  3. Ok, I get the spinning Pizza/angular momentum idea, but then you have already flattened the dough beforehand. I would have thought stars that clump together to form galaxies would orbit in arbitrary directions. Obviously I am wrong in thinking that.
  4. Why are galaxies flat rather than spherical? All the matter in galaxies seem to clump into spherical objects, so why aren't the galaxies themselves spherical objects?. Just wondering if any theories explain this...
  5. Had not tried Incognito tab, did just now. Does not connect. Not going to install duckduckgo, its not important for that PC. But it annoys me big time that I can't figure this out.
  6. Yes, as mentioned I have 2 other physical win10 pc's that connects ok. So it must be something on that PC, but I cant figure out what. I just might copy the win10 VMware to one of those PC and see if it connects there. Also I do remeber that the PC that does not connect to it did so sometime in the past (before I bougt Pixinsight).
  7. I have not tried on a mobile, that was the OP. But on the my PC that will not connect I have tried the following: Does not connect in Google Chrome Does not connect In Microsoft Edge VMware running windows 10 guest (on the same PC) - does not connect in Google Chrome. But VMware running some Linux distro guest (on the same PC) does connect!!! That just makes no sense (given that vmware with windows guest does not connect). But rules out any issues in the router.
  8. I have the same issue on one of my PC's (Windows 10). I have tried everything I can possibly think of, including disable firewall etc. but no luck. On 2 other PC's (also win10) on the same LAN I do not have this problem. I have given up trying to figure this out. So if anyone has any tips, I'm interested too.
  9. That's an unbelievable 45GB on the disc including all the trial/errors and intermediate steps. I guess I need to be selective in what to keep.
  10. I did flats for each filter yes. But I did not re-focus between filters. Learning as I go along. Played around in PI, following some of the suggestions I got. Not great, but a little better:
  11. Thanks for the comments, good to hear it's likely light pollution and not something with the equipement. Yes, I used DynamicBackgroundExtraction. I does get rid of some of it. I have Narrowband filters, so I will eventually look into that. But for now I'll try to get some more experience with LRGB.
  12. There are color gradients I just cant seem to get rid of. This is the RGB combination. Any idea if this due to light pollution, poor flats or something else?
  13. My first ever half serious attempt at anything (M31) with the newly bought Esprit 80 ED+ASI 1600mm and processing in Pixelinsight. 20 x 120s L, 20 x 120s Ha, 10 x 120s R+G+B, Bortle sky "city center". Endless hours of Pixelinsight YouTube tutorials.
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