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ASIAIR or Pegasus Powerbox?

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2 hours ago, StevieDvd said:

The panel is appearing and can be set, I think there may be a few issues when turning a power port on/off without the label being chosen first. I'll check those tomorrow but power can be turned on/off on the ports.

As this is aimed at an Asiair installation of Astroberry would it be better to label the ports 1-4 instead of the coders 0-3?

I miss the Asiair beep on startup, it seems to quiet at startup now.

Thanks, that's the kind of feedback I'm looking for. I'll change the port numbers and do a bit of testing on the edge cases e.g. what happens if you change a label. Should the port switch off, stay in its current state or what? I'm inclined to switch off as the safest route but that could be annoying if you make a mistake. I'll also see if I can force the "None" option to be always off. INDI is not so good at disabling controls so it would  be a soft restriction.

And to keep on topic: With this driver we should have a highly functional power control system for ASIAir users that have outgrown the functionality of the app but do not yet need the power capacity of the Pegasus. From there, adding a Pegasus is easy using the INDI Pegasus driver.

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1 hour ago, kens said:

triple post - where's the delete button?

They deleted it to prevent post being erased after problems get solved.  Your triple message will be eternal

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Replied via message as the minor details would not benefit this thread.  We can get this a little cleaner for the average person before the disallusion ZWO fans find out about the power control support.

In a way this should help the resale price of the Asiair Pro as it can be used by other OS and more importantly alow other great cameras & focusers already owned to be used, even to the extent of those using Pegagus power hubs controlled by Indi as well.😀

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On 01/03/2021 at 02:22, kens said:

If you are game to install from the nightly build then:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mutlaqja/indinightly
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install indi-asi-power

A new release of KStars and INDI is imminent so be careful as the nightly build is on a different version to the stable build and might mess things up for you

I'm about to push a set of minor fixes to the driver. Hopefully this allows the package to enable the systemd service and also adds some small enhancements. These will take a day or two to make it into the nightly build.

To remove the nightly ppa

sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:mutlaqja/indinightly


Thanks! I will give this a go when I get the chance 👍🏻

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