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  1. Really a quarter of a small drop. You don’t want it on other parts
  2. It should release when the grub screw is removed. Although sometimes the screw digs a small hole surrounded by some material pushed up thats preventing a smooth release. It might just be the case with your focuser?
  3. For anyone trying to make one themselves, here’s the drawing:
  4. I recently bought a used telescope with vixen style dovetail which doesn’t fit my vixen style clamp. The dovetail is too wide to get in, and the front and back are covered by a plate to prevent slipping out of the clamp. So cant use it. Strange size fluctuations in these bars
  5. If possible, download Bruce Buffers voice to tell you “iiiiiits tiiiiiiiiime”
  6. It looks really solid. How is that harmonic gear under the load of the scope? Is the fork directly attached, and the weight of the fork/ota combo hanging on the harmonic drive?
  7. Jee these Celestron batteries arent cheap. And that Beaudens pack looks solid to me. Ive never used one of them, and was always planning to get that cheap skywatcher 17ah tank, but like your Beaudens option shows, there are many more alternatives. YouTube reviews and reactions tell it must be a solid product.
  8. No its the percentage of the scopes diameter. Not the overall percentage of the scopes aperture in your example i think it must be around 10-15% obstructed of the initial aperture
  9. Dont know if the original image was bad or the printing of that book. But indeed they made a huge step
  10. Do you mean the eaf stops working after some turns?
  11. Lets hope we go slowly back to the old normal
  12. Ah yes i see. That might be true
  13. No, more like, from this: to: will it tip over?
  14. What would happen when you rotate the heavy metal wedge? Like in this picture, the side with the red clamps under the ota.
  15. Its probably a lazy way to type: glass path corrector
  16. Don’t forget to take off the outfit when you take a walk through a field with bulls
  17. Were they tic-tac shaped?
  18. My daughters Skymax127 outperforms every 4” apo. But seriously, a very nice collection you are building in a short time. The best way to do it in my opinion!
  19. metoo. you guessed the telescope's origin correctly. And while my untrained eye is far from being able to detect differences in qualities when using a telescope, let alone ever request a report for a telescope myself, it should give the end user some confidence. And I am really open to a value judgment based on professional measurements. unless the mirror dimensions do not match. something tells me the text is trying to tell its a report of a 17?mm telescope. Possible a 7”. And that’s not corresponding. the only thing I doubt is that some reports indicate mirror diameter in measured pixels. That could be the only thing that would make this report more credible
  20. thanks. indeed a questionable piece of paper with ink. I have far too little knowledge to get anything meaningful from this report other than that it comes from Zygo. The only thing I can deduce from other reports is that sometimes the size of the measured object is indicated. see even reports with a clear mention of the telescope. in this case, a fraction of a certain size appears to be readable. half hidden behind a diagram. I doubt whether these are millimeters or pixels or something else. My mirror is round and has a hole in the middle . Based on that resemblance alone, I cannot assume that this report is actually correct. There seems to be far too easy to cheat on me. And completely suspicious if the size of the mirror does not match.
  21. Although its probably not that important (due to not really knowing the report belongs to a particularly scope), i can’t seem to find a well explained explanation or info on how to read these diagrams and numbers. I received this report as a “screenshot” with the purchase of a used scope. No further details about the scope are shown. I have my doubts about this report and therefore want to ask someone who can read it. Can someone, based on the info given in the report, tell the possible mirror size which is tested? many thanks.
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