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EP34 - Sunday, 24th January 2021 7:30pm GMT - The Green Flash by Mike Frost


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This week we are joined by our guest speaker Mike Frost (http://www.mikefrost.info/) to give us his talk 'The Green Flash'.

Mike is the director of the BAA Historical Section, his day job is in system engineering but astronomy has always been a major part of his live. He is a past-chairman of Coventry and Warwickshire Astronomical Society, a member of the B.A.A. since 1995, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a founder member of the Society for the History of Astronomy. Mike's major interest is the history of astronomy including the history and mythology of sky phenomena, eclipses and transits, especially transits of Venus.


This week Mike will be talking about 'The Green Flash'.

The Green Flash or Green Ray is a fleeting and beautiful phenomenon which can be seen at sunrise and sunset when some part of the Sun suddenly changes colour - at sunset, from red / orange to green / blue. 

This has inspired the imagination of story-tellers from ancient Egypt to the present day. Meet the nerdish Aristobulos, hero of Jules Verne's "Le Rayon Vert", and David Abden, roguish hero of Winston Graham's "The Green Flash", as they try to explain the mysteries of the setting sun.

We very much look forward to welcoming Mike to give us a talk and look forward to seeing you all Sunday.

Meeting details below:

Topic: EP34 - Sunday, 24th January 2021 7:30pm GMT - The Green Flash by Mike Frost
Time: Jan 24, 2021 07:30 PM London

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Meeting ID: 961 1471 3041
Passcode: 141170

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I recall  the Green Flash being part of the storyline in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I took great delight in informing my family that it is a real phenomenon and not something dreamed up by a Disney scriptwriter.  Of course the next question was "Have you ever seen it?" to which I had to reply no, but after this talk I might have more luck in the future.  

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Rather sorry I missed this: it’s an occasionally spectacular phenomenon about which I’d like to hear more. The last vivid example was close to home, on the west cornwall coast, as the sun set over the sea in October. The video recorded at the same time was, well, a damp squib which didn’t reflect the majesty of the visible experience at all. Attached is a shot take just prior: as a rain squall passed, the horizon cleared and we realised it would become a memorable sunset.


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Hi Grant, thanks for the link; I’ve watched the talk and it’s fascinating. The comments above and Mike’s video inspired me to post this video; the most recent time I’ve seen the Green Flash. I’m sure that he’s inundated and bored of low quality Green Ray / Flash videos, but I shall email Mike in case he’s interested in seeing yet another one.. this one with some admittedly glorious scenery at Zennor too.

After reading the talk, I also zoomed in a little and, whaddya know.. it fits the profile.


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