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Can’t get Celestron focuser to work under Windows 7

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Now I’ve managed to sort out control of my EQ6-R Pro using Stellarium via EQASCOM, I’m working my way through the other equipment I want to control from my Windows 7 laptop.

I’m stuck trying to get my Celestron focuser to be recognised. This is what I’ve done so far:

  1. Downloaded the Celestron Focuser Utility Program (.exe file) from here: https://www.celestron.com/pages/manuals-software
  2. Also downloaded the December 2019 USB ASCOM driver set up from above.
  3. I ran the ASCOM driver set up and restarted the laptop.
  4. Connected focuser direct to laptop via USB. The focuser’s power light shows red and in Windows control panel it recognises the device as ‘Celestron Focuser’ but indicates no driver present.
  5. Ran the Celestron focuser utility program hoping it would connect and install the right driver so I could calibrate, but it can’t detect the focuser at all.
  6. Finally, ran APT to see if I could connect by choosing the ASCOM driver under ‘Gear’ but this doesn’t work either.

Stuck now. I’m guessing I need to somehow ‘tell’ Windows where the driver is...? 

Any thoughts? Thanks everyone


EDIT: I have previously had this focuser working correctly both with StarSense handset and via ASCOM (Celestron unified driver) through the aux on my old Evolution mount. However, now I’ve changed to a Sky-Watcher mount, I need it to function direct through USB.

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1 hour ago, Cornelius Varley said:

Im not sure sure that running win7 would be the problem. The manual suggests that the focuser can be powered from a usb port that can supply 900ma, so might not work if the usb power is inadequate. Alternatively, a 12v psu is required.

Thanks for the suggestion. As it happens over the past hour I have experimented using a separate 12v power supply, but still no joy. Even Celestron’s basic focuser utility still can’t detect the focuser. 

The focuser continues to be listed by name by Windows under devices but indicates no driver.

And the ASCOM profile explorer shows 2 entries: ‘ASCOM.Celestron.Focuser’ and ‘ASCOM.CelestronUsbMotorFocuser.Focuser’

Short of uninstalling the motor focuser entirely and going back to manual, I’m at a loss how to proceed 🙁

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