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Got the new guide cam today, and spent the night playing. After several frustrations with Maxim, I finally get everything working!!

Test image below - look at them tight stars!! Single 5 minute exposure, thru the SXXF-H9 and ED80, guided with the SXV guidecam thru the WO66


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This looked like a case of Deja Vu, so I went back to your M81/82. :mrgreen:

Looks like your about ready to cut loose Daz. Guidings Ace.

Just need to get shot of those Dark Mysterons. Captain Scarlets your man.

Ron. :thumbright:

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Wahey! Nothing stopping you now Darren!

As for Maxim, I know what you mean. I swapped it for the very user friendly Nebulosity. Combined with PHD it runs as sweet as anything, uses less resources, is a fraction of the cost, and produces results that are on a par with any (SteveL's M42 for instance)


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Trouble with PHD is that is doesn't see the SXV guide head, because it connects directly to the SXVF camera - at least, I could not get it to!!

Maxim has the right drivers and ability to see both cameras.

Anyway, I got it working, just need to clean all the optics, double check polar alignment and then we're off!!!

Thanks all :hello2:

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