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Collimator test - Hotech vs Howie Glatter vs Catseye

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So, I have been testing three different kind of lasers, each one is supposed to be the "best" in each category or what you want to call it, the hotech and HG is almost the same, but whit the difference in how you lock it down.
The Catseye is very different in how it works.

I made a Youtube video of my thoughts


What do you think? which one do you use?

Regards, Daniel



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nice vid, auto colimator is difficult to use. i use the glatter kit 😀

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10 hours ago, faulksy said:

nice vid, auto colimator is difficult to use. i use the glatter kit 😀

I think it becomes easier if you do it a couple of times, but yes, HG is easier to use.

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Thanks DirkSteele :)

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