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What's going on here then?

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Howdy! Picked up a new setup consisting of a WOGt71 doublet, EQ5 mount, modified 1000D and ZWO EAF. Im currently using stellarmate on a Rpi4 and I was sporadically producing images like this while focusing and now it seems to be the only image I receive back. I have no idea what this line is and why it seems to be preventing me from focusing. I've attatched 3 pictures. 1 is live view on the camera through the scope at a street light, 2nd is a preview capture and third is what I receive back from the focus module in EKOS. Any help would be great!




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Very unusual, I haven’t seen that myself.

Some things that I can think of to try;

1) Does it happen with other capture software (such as APT or NINA?)

2) Does it happen with a lens attached and saving the image to a memory card? 

3) Does this happen during daylight? 

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