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Complete setup


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Thought i would drag the whole lot out for a photo shoot. Light was fading fast at 15.30, so excuse the quality of the photos. Only change to the setup maybe the ED80 which i'm finding pointless really. May replace it with a cheap Explorer 150PL ota for some quick planetary views or maybe even some lunar/planetary imaging again in the future (short of a webcam, laptop, adapter, filter etc - so no time too soon).






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Lot of gear there but you seem to have cornered the shed market so no shortage of storage space.


hehe my sheds are now a running joke in the family. I say you can't have too many sheds :)

I love the 12.5.....one of my all time fav scopes now. A Lightbridge 16 would be a must if i won something on the lottery.

Looking at those photos reminds just how much work we have to do on garden come the spring.

John, best of luck finding a 12 dob asap. Hopefully i haven't inspired you on a wrong course....gulp. I don't think so though. We were staying with our family over the weekend down at Glastonbury and the skies were awesome (should have moved back when we had the chance :p ). A 12 and those skies will be mind blowing.

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There would be a death squad after me if i touched that trampoline :)

Original plan was to have the observatory where the corner shed is. But once i finally gave up on resurrecting any imaging plans and settled on the dob, decided there was no call for an obs. Just a nice shed to store the gear.

Besides, the trampoline is great fun :p

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