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Hello all

Please can you advise on a decent (and cheap) [if they come together] eyepiece with a high magnification, size = 1.25" i think - im a n00b ((thats 2 00's) :shock: ) and need some help. price is the main concern at the minute so cheaper the better. 2nd hand stuff is fine too if anybosies selling.

would like to use it for planets rather than moon (which i see everyday anyway, want something a bit different) if there is any difference.

What is the maxium useful mag of a skywatcher 130 and a nexstar 4"

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If you want a nice quality planetary eyepiece that will work well with both scopes, my own personal recommendation would something around the 8 - 9mm size. This would give 72x-81x in the 130 and 150-165x in the Nexstar 4. You could buy a barlow to double the magnification in the 130.

Not sure how 'cheap' you are looking for but the TS Planetary HR from Modern Astronomy are superb and doesn't break the bank [too much]:


And for a barlow the Tal 2x from FLO are spot on:


Hope that helps


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Hi profees,

As luck would have it, I'm selling a 6.3mm Highlight Plossl ep - I don't use it enough!

This will give you a magnification of 210x in the Nexstar 4, or 102x in the 130.

This is about the max useful magnification of the scope for the Nexstar (taken a 50x the aperture of the 'scope in inches).

The 6.3mm ep is £69.95 new from the shops. I'm selling it for £30+£5 p&p. Obviously it's a good quality ep and well looked after imho :(

See my ad on SGL: http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,33915.0.html]


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